Everyone talks about the zillion bad reasons for getting married, but no one really pays heed to the other side of the story. While rushing into a marriage is definitely not recommended, there are a bunch of reasons for not getting married that make no sense whatsoever. Check them out to know if you are stalling marriage for all the wrong reasons.
1.Because I am a feminist: You can totally love the idea of equality and still get married to a man. Because honestly, feminism isn’t about male bashing, it’s about loving equality.
2.I get bored too easily: Honestly, marriage isn’t boring at all. All those toilet seat fights, where to spend Diwali arguments and between-the-sheets action is enough to keep everyone entertained for a long time.

3.Because I hate the idea of in-laws: Not all of them are evil and if the idea really bothers you, you can have a nuclear family system too.

4.Because it’s ‘un-cool’:
Although you might not readily admit to this reason, lots of people tend to associate marriage with ‘un-cool’ things. Frankly, you just need to grow up.

5.Because I don’t want my life to ‘end’:
Another negative misconception that we tend to associate with marriage. Marriage is not a punishment, it’s just another relationship.
6.Because I hate responsibilities: Yeah, they suck but unfortunately responsibilities are the side effect of being an adult and you do have to deal with them at some point.
7.I am a loner: Well, it’s always fun to have someone around to cook meals for you while you continue being a loner.

8.I love being young and carefree:
It’s a great feeling, yes, but life is all about stages and while we love the current one, being married is a great stage too.
9.I am not too fond of children: There are many like-minded individuals out there who also don’t particular like these tiny things. Look around, and we bet you’ll find someone who has the same sentiments as you.

10.I don’t want to share my money: Fair enough. You can set up a great financial system that lets you chip in and still have your own money at your disposal.

11.You don’t need someone getting into your space: You can always banish him to the living room sofa and on the brighter side a husband equals a 2 AM friend (who will also make chai if you bully ask him to).

12. Because I need my space: A good marriage gives you the space to be you as well as enjoy time as a couple. All you need is some good planning and an understanding partner.