Women find only some types of men irresistible. These are those guys who are confident, handsome and hold huge bank balance. Women tend to get attracted to certain personality traits in men. So, it is only natural that they will flock to the men who possess them.

When it comes to marriage, women look at other things in men than just what he has to offer materialistically. Boldsky shares with you the traits that women look for in men and find them irresistible. Women will love to be with men who inherit these traits.

If you are that kind of a man, be rest assured you won’t face problems getting the girl of your dreams. Here are some types of men women can’t resist. Take a look at this list.

The Confident Man Can any woman resist a man with confidence? If he is secure and sure of himself, any woman would want him.
The Romantic Freak The type of men women can’t resist is the man who constantly displays his love for the lady by showering her with flowers, chocolate and much more.
The Man With Creativity The artistic guy who is spontaneous and lives in the moment. This type of man will make any woman just drool over him. If he can woo her with his creativity, he can get the girl of his dreams!
The Bad Boy The type of man a woman loves is that free-spirited guy who goes wherever the wind takes him. The desire for adventure is the trait that some women look for in men.
The Witty Guy He instigates conversations that are intellectually stimulating. He makes it a point to listen to his lady. This is another type of man that women find irresistible.
The Man With Courtesy He opens the door for his lady. He pulls out chair for his woman before he sits. Every woman wants this kind of a treatment from the man she likes.

The Respectful Man Everybody wants respect and it is so true with ladies. If you give respect to your woman, she will be all yours.
The Fashionista She is not asking you to wear branded clothes! At least, make the effort to dress to impress. Women find a clean shaven person wearing crisp shirt and polished shoes irresistible.
The Cook The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. This saying holds true for women as well. Women are attracted to men who can cook delicious food for their lady.
The Foreigner A woman is attracted to a man who belongs to another country. His lifestyle, way of speech and his kind of life are some of the things that attract a woman.
The Woman’s Man A woman likes her man to be his and not his mother’s. If you are a mama’s boy, you might never find the woman of your dreams.

SOURCE: www.boldsky.com