12 Things That Will Annoy Your Girlfriend

Women love to be appreciated, loved, pampered and cared for. If you fail to do so as her boyfriend, then you might end up losing her. At that time of the month, women go overboard with their emotions and playing with their feelings can really tick her mood off. There are some things you might say to her at this time of the month. It might piss her off and hence, you should be nice to her during those times. Guys love to irritate their girlfriends by saying things that aren’t nice to hear. Statements such as “You look fat today, aren’t you working out?” or “You should look like my mum, if you want to marry me!”. These are some of things that will simply annoy your girlfriend, no matter what. If you don’t want to get in her bad books, then make sure you take a look at these things to never say to your girlfriend.


Talking About Her Weight Talking about your girlfriend’s weight can get you into a lot of trouble. Boyfriends should never interfere in her weight loss or weight gain issues, neither should you ask her what she weighs. It can totally get her annoyed.

When You Miss A Date If you miss a date and plan other things instead of meeting her, it will surely annoy any girlfriend. There are times when she is supposed to come first in your life.

Promises That You Break One of the things that annoy your girlfriend is making a promise and not keeping it. This will turn off anyone!

Woman Saying Stop with Both Hands

Comparing Her If you have the habit of comparing people, don’t try it with your girlfriend. This is one of the things that will annoy your girlfriend.

When You Don’t Take Up For Her When you don’t take up for your girlfriend in the presence of others, it will totally annoy your lady love.

Bringing Up The Past Bringing up the past is one of the worst things to do to annoy your girlfriend. It is no fun at all to dig up old wounds.
By Being Too Direct Yes, we know that most guys love being direct with their partners. But, at times, it can be quite annoying and too heavy to take for a woman.


Taking Ages To Text Taking ages to text when she is in a hurry to know your reply can be one of those times that will annoy your girlfriend.

The Phone Fidget! Fidgeting with your phone instead of holding her hand and looking into her eyes is yet another thing that you can do to annoy any woman in your life.

Forgetting Special Days Special days need to marked on every calendar you own! Never fail to miss that special day as it is very important to her.
Not Including Her In Your Plans One of the most annoying things guys do to their girlfriend is not adding her in their plan. Women understand that you want your space, but not every time!

When You Interrupt Her Feelings The days and hours she spends telling you about how she feels and your reply or reaction towards it can annoy her to great heights. Take the time to reciprocate her feelings in the best way by being gentle.

source: boldsky.com