Weddings are oodles of fun… you know, when you’re not the one planning it. Brides are under a lot of pressure these days, which is why it’s uber-important to be supportive and always say the right thing. Otherwise, you might end up shanked. (Kidding. Sort of.) So you might just want to avoid saying one of these 12 things to a bridezilla-to-be.

1. “Are you sure you’re ready to get married?”

2. “You’re having your wedding where?”

3. “Do you think wearing white is really… appropriate?”

4. “Relaaax, everything will be fiiine.”

5. “Don’t be so hard on yourself: 50 percent of marriages fail.”

6. “What’s your wedding date again? Where is it again? What’s your website again?”

7. “You’re way too good for him… but whatever makes you happy!”

Things you should never say to a bridezilla 7

8. “Where’s your third cousin’s wife’s sister’s hairdresser’s invitation?”

9. “That’s… different.”

10. “You ate the whole thing? Good luck fitting into your dress.”

11. “Is your menu going to have a gluten-free option?”

12. “You only get married once. Well, hopefully.”