12 Stuffs to avoid doing when your man gets you the wrong gift

We all get terrible gifts at Christmas. It’s practically the law. We come to expect them from certain people, like drunk Uncle Dan, who always buys you something from the 7/11 on Christmas Eve, and your grandmother, who always buys you gifts fit for an 8-year-old. But a shitty gift from your guy? That’s a whole other matter. I mean, he’s supposed to love you, yet his gift says he hates you. Reacting to such a gift is a tricky business — you don’t want to lie, but you don’t want to make him cry, either. While it’s hard to know exactly how to react, there are definite ways not to.

1. Bursting into tears

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2. Expressing your disgust out loud

3. Laying on your (fake) enthusiasm really thick

4. Having a hissy fit

5. Saying “I love it,” only to later find yourself…

6. Using the “Oops, I broke it” defense

7. Throwing it at him

8. Getting all passive aggressive

9. Texting him how you really feel about it later

10. Shutting down emotionally

11. Reenacting your favorite Jerry Springer Show episode

12. Getting arrested for… well, you know