You’re great friends. Everything’s going great, except that you’re madly in love with her and she has no idea about it. You want to tell her how you feel but you’re not sure if she’s interested too. While in some cases, best friends do make the best couple ever; other times, it’s just not meant to be. There’s nothing much you can do about it if she just doesn’t consider you more than a friend. Friendzone is a terrible place to be and it’s always better to know where things are going for the both of you. We tell you signs she’s knowingly or unknowingly friendzoning you. So, run while you can!

1. She’s always telling you about the guys she likes. You know all about her crushes.

2. Every time you flirt with her, she says you’re cute and laughs it off. She never takes you seriously.

3. Whenever she has a fight with her boyfriend, or her crush, she runs to you to feel better.


4. But the moment she gets back to him, she forgets to even call you or leave a text message.

5. She says you two are just friends but you do all that a boyfriend does for his girlfriend, except for the sex of course!

6. She wants you to hook up with other girls. She keeps trying to get you to chat with her BFF from school or that really cool girl from her office. She loves playing match maker for you.

7. She doesn’t care how she looks in front of you. Even though she usually dresses well when going out, if it’s only you she’s meeting, she doesn’t mind turning up in a pair of old pajamas and an ill fitting T-shirt.


 8. She’s a little too comfortable around you, even when sharing the bed. Whenever you’re in close proximity with each other, physically, there’s no trace of any sexual tension from her side.

9. She keeps saying how you’re just not her type, even though you’re hanging out together all the time. She may look like she’s joking but she’s actually just reminding you that there’s no possibility of anything more than platonic friendship.

10. Whenever you make a plan with her, she drags along all your mutual friends. Even when you two go out alone, it’s nothing like a date.


11. There’s absolutely no difference in the way she behaves with you when you’re with people and when you’re alone. She never tries to make a move.

12. She doesn’t mind sharing the most embarrassing and intimate details from her personal life with you, even if it involves another guy. She’s totally okay being her craziest around you, with no pretense of being desirable in anyway. Sorry, but you have as much a chance of dating her as any other girl BFF of hers!

We know it’s not easy to love someone and not have them love you back. And, if you’ve already been friendzoned, here’s something you’d definitely relate to.