We have been obsessing over Girls since it made its TV debut in 2012. The HBO series was a breath of fresh air for twenty-somethings and it shined a light over the struggles young women face as they try to figure out how to be adults. Fueled by fiery friendships, volatile relationships, bad jobs and new experiences the show has been a guiding form of entertainment for women of all generations. Now in the fifth season as the cast of Girls head into their late 20’s the show has shown a vast amount growth and maturity. The show highlights the insecurities, confusion and uncertainty that women face while promoting a sort of self-loving ideal. Every girl finds a piece of herself in at least one of the characters and instead of figuring out if you’re more Samantha or Charlotte you’re asking if you’re more a Jessa or a Shoshanna. Here are 12 reasons why we love Girls:

*Spoiler Alert*

A. Lena Dunham Gets Us


Writer and staring actress Lena Dunham has often used experiences from her own life to create storylines for the show. Hannah’s character is a struggling writer trying to find her way through the world all the while figuring out who she really is. After landing a real corporate job, going through breakups and going back to school, Hannah lands a job as a new teacher. There hasn’t been a female-based show that focuses on real struggles and this is the show every girl in her twenties or thirties has been waiting for. While of course there has been some arguments about how real the show actually is because we all know you can’t afford a large apartment in New York while just working at a coffee shop.

B. It’s Relatable



Real life experiences make the show relatable. With the breakups, the girl fights and jobs we hate, we can all relate to a lot of the situations in the show. We all felt Marnie’s pain when her ex-boyfriend went on a trip with his new girlfriend and we felt better knowing we weren’t the only ones that obsessively lurk our exes Facebook profile along with his new girlfriend’s. While the lack of ethnic diversity is sometimes hard to identify with, we’ve all gotten into horrendous fights with our best friend and had meltdowns over breakups so we totally feel their pain. We understand what goes on in the show because we’ve all been there before.

C. The Drama


You and you’re friends can’t wait for Sunday night so that you can cozy on the couch together and sip some tea as you watch this weeks new episode. When Marnie had sex with Elijah and Ray we watched with eyes wide. The first episode of this season started out with a surprising kiss between Jessa and Adam and we can’t wait to see how this all plays out, we are so ready for Hanna to freak out over this. While the shock of Charlie’s return almost brought us to tears. Someone is always sleeping with someone’s ex and we can’t get enough. While most of the crises are a bit exaggerated they still hit close to home.

D. Hannah is Always Naked


Hannah is naked in at least every other episode. Dunham promotes body positivity and tackles body issues. Hannah constantly refers to her weight and over eating all the while constantly stripping completely naked. Ever since the first season Hannah has frolicked around New York in fishnet tops (free the nipple) and super short shorts. While Dunham has said in recent interviews that she hopes to limit the amount of nudity from Hannah in its final season. She says that as she has gotten older she has become more modest. We love that Hannah lets it all hang out with no shame.

E. Adam is Hot


In the first season Adam was a neurotic weirdo but as the show went on we fell in love. He’s tall, dark and handsome while his unpredictability is a total turn on. He is passionate and devoted, until a recent new relationship with Jessa (we hate him for this). Move on Adam just not with Jessa, that is girl code violation number one! However, we can’t help but gawk at his boyish good looks.. He’s odd and temperamental but we’re so into it. He somehow seems to look more attractive every season and we can’t get enough of his bod.

F. We’re Millennials


The entire vibe of the show is so made for millennials. Most of the characters have a self-righteous sense of entitlement and they worry about all the wrong things. Millennials are taking over the cities and gentrifying urban neighborhoods while the show pokes fun at the hipster owned businesses that are rapidly taking over Brooklyn. We get married too quickly or we don’t invest our money wisely and the show embraces all of our young selfish habits. Many of the issues and arguments in the show are a direct result of stereotypical millennial behavior and it makes us feel like we’re growing up with the characters. Could Hannah be anymore self-centered?

G. Good Music


The show features amazing hip-hop, pop, indie songs and underground jams that we love. It’s the soundtrack to our lives and we often find ourselves bobbing our heads to the beat. When Marnie did her rendition of “Stronger” by Kanye West we almost died in horror but the ending credits are always accompanied by a really good song. The creators of the show are able to really capture moments through the music and it leaves us with the true emotions of each episode. Aurora’s version of “Life on Mars” by David Bowie was the perfect piece of music for Shoshanna’s emotional exit after she leaves her new boyfriend Yoshi and walks down the lonely streets of Japan.

H. It’s Hilarious


It would be silly for someone to say that Girls doesn’t make you laugh and giggle, it’s hilarious. With several comedic guest stars in the show like Amy Schumer, Jenny Slate and Bridget Everett how could it not be a laugh riot? Elijah’s bluntness kills us, Hannah’s no filter attitude brings us to our knees and old man Ray says things no one will say out loud. Each character of the show provides a sometimes seemingly unintentional touch of hilarity. When you get together with the girls to watch Girls (pun intended) you find yourselves actually laughing out loud. The show mixes humor with the ugly truth and it proves to us that you really do have to laugh to keep from crying.

I. Guest Stars


With an amazing list of guest stars the show introduces new characters played by A-List actors and comedians. Hannah dated Donald Glover who played “Sandy” and she had a weekend fling with Patrick Wilson who played an attractive middle-aged divorced doctor named Joshua. If you didn’t feel nostalgic when you saw Gabby Hoffman starring as Adam’s eccentric sister you probably haven’t seen the 90’s classic “Now and Then.” SNL stars Aidy Bryant and Bobby Moynihan have also made an appearance on the show and we can’t wait to see who will make an appearance on the show next.

J. Controversial Topics


Not many television shows deal with controversial topics but Girls often puts focus on controversy or things that are taboo. During the first season Jessa scheduled an abortion and Hannah was tested positive for HPV. In season 2 we discovered that Hannah suffers from obsessive-compulsive disorder. In Season 3 Jessa battles drug addiction in rehab and unleashes all of her childhood trauma before participating in an assisted suicide attempt of her artist boss played by Louise Lasser. A sinister darkness generally brings the show back to a harsh reality when the characters find themselves face to face with the real world.

K. Pop Culture References


The show stays current with pop culture references that anyone between the ages of 20-30 would probably get. “Lay this thing down flip it and reverse it,” Hannah says in reference to a 2002 Missy Elliot song, who didn’t love that song? After Elijah and his group of friends chuckle at Hannah’s bikini she refers to Harmony Korine’s 2013 film “Spring Breakers.” Many of the modern references give the show an up to date touch that makes it even more relevant. The fifth season started with Marnie’s disastrous wedding where Hannah appears wearing a sweater that reads “I Woke Up Like This,” in reference to Beyoncé aka the queen-b of this generation. Modern pop culture references combined with great writing give the show a freshness that our generation craves.

L. Unorthodox Sex Scenes


We love the fact that we can always count on there being unorthodox sex scenes. Weather it’s role-playing with Adam or public indecency, the unconventional sex scenes are sometimes all we can talk about. It was hilarious when Hannah attempted to revitalize her sex life with Adam by wearing a blonde wig and playing a mischievous housewife that was looking for an affair.

We were blessed with the pleasure of witnessing Shoshanna loose her virginity and it unfortunately took us back to that maybe not so spectacular landmark in our own lives.