12 Handmade valentine crafts to put a smile on that special face

These lovelies are just too cute (and simple!) to pass up.

Festive Flair

This craft super-sizes one V-Day tradition (cute conversation hearts), but is still a manageable, mini version of a party-ready piece (piñatas!). A small bow and some fringed crepe paper are all you need to pull off the look.

Sweet Feeder

Show your porch’s resident feathered-friends some love this year by hanging seed in a special shape.

Stirred, Not Shaken

Super cute straws and stirrers (which are super-quick to make) instantly turn an everyday dinner into a Valentine’s celebration.

Heart of Gold

Grant a plain vase a little holiday spirit with a crowd-pleasing gilded detail.

Lovely Hues

The color-blocking effect of the bright pink bow against the minimalist cherry red design makes this wreath sweet but not too saccharine.

String Up Love

Doctor up a string of lanterns with whatever holiday baubles you can find (doilies, cards, ribbons) to create an inspiring freeform piece for your mantel.

Love Letters

Not all Valentine’s decor needs to be in-your-face red. This subtle message blends beautifully with a neutral living room.

Hearts and Stripes

Of course, mason jars shouldn’t miss the day you’re most likely to get flowers from your spouse.

Cute Cork

Cozy up (and protect your coffee table) with these coasters to make date night on the couch with Netflix a bit more special.

Bright Lights

Frosted heart windows mean these adorable jars emit a soft glow.

Go Big

Show off your love in an mega way with this poster-sized card that’s sure to leave the right impression.

Key to My Heart

This adorable vignette speaks volumes without ever actually having to say the words.

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