1. Making the wrong choice about college.

We tend to believe we must go to college to be successful. This is a complete lie. Whether you choose to go to college or not, don’t regret the decision you made.

At the time, it may have seemed like the best thing to do, and you are probably a different person because of it. I mean, look at all the successful people in life. Most of them quit college! Sometimes, I wish I did, too.

2. Drinking too much that night.

We’ve all had the nights when we accidentally drank too much and did something stupid.

This night probably gave you a pretty badass story, but it probably also taught you an important lesson about vodka.

Even if you could go back in time and fix whatever happened that night, chances are, the same thing would have happened at another point. Fate is pretty good at making a strong appearance somewhere.

3. Dating a douche.

At some point in your life, you will probably date a completely awful person for too long. When it ends, you will hate yourself for it and wish you had the time back.

This happened to me once and now, I’ve blown up the Internet with his story and have a book on the way.

This experience will teach you how it feels to be vulnerable and allow yourself to feel emotions. Without emotion, how would you feel alive?

4. Spending too much on something.

Sometimes I wonder if I’m wasting too much money on traveling every time I leave the country. But then, I remember what experiences I had and how much I grew from them.

Don’t ever feel bad for spending too much money on something. Chances are, you learned something crucial after you felt a hole in your wallet.

5. Picking the wrong job.

At some point in your life, you will choose to work a job that doesn’t make you happy over a job that might because one offers more money.

This is an important lesson to learn because it only enhances the idea that a job should be more about the work than the money.

Don’t feel bad for not choosing a typical day job or choosing an awful day job. This will only help you find your next best job.

6. Yelling at someone you love.

At any given point in our lives, we will have a passionate, negative feeling against someone else. There will be times that this will come out in the wrong way and will hurt the other person.

Never feel bad for doing this because you are simply expressing your emotions; never feel bad for showing your feelings.

7. Leaving someone you love.

It doesn’t matter in what manner this happens — we all leave someone we love at some point. It could be family, friends or a lover. To move on with our lives, sometimes we have to leave people behind.

Leaving someone who is so close to our hearts always seems like a mistake, but in some ways, it sets us free. Never question your choice to leave a good thing behind.

8. Making out with your ex’s best friend.

I once made out with my ex’s best friend when I was really young in college. At the time, both of them made me feel incredibly horrible for what I had done.

But honestly, it was the best thing I could have done because it truly let me see what kind of a person both of them were.

Never regret a decision you made about someone else because chances are, the truth will come out.

9. Getting in trouble with the law.

I’m not encouraging bad behavior or saying it is right to do it, but you shouldn’t be regret breaking the law.

The government isn’t really an incredibly fun source to be against, but it probably taught you to change your behavior in a way that no other human being could.

10. Not saying, “I’m sorry.”

There are many times I really wish I would have said, “I’m sorry” to someone. It hurts me at night when I think back to the times I really messed up and should have apologized right away.

There will be times when you will write an entire apology in your head and it will never be spoken.

Don’t regret never saying it. Some things in life are best left unsaid because deep down inside, we know that it may not change things to the way they were. Forgive yourself for not forgiving others.

11. Giving up.

We are told we should never give up on anything, and that doing so makes us quitters. At some point, though, we have to give up on things in order to have better lives.

Sometimes, this means giving up on someone, giving up on your job or simply saying you have too much on your plate.

We shouldn’t feel bad about giving up so long as it isn’t something we consistently do. In fact, it’s a way for us to let someone else know we need help.