11 Things Men Hate To Do On A Date

11 Things Men Hate

First dates can be two things: exciting and nerve-racking. And if it’s a blind date, that’s even more pressure. Amid the excitement, there may be a tendency to forget some details. Here are some don’ts you want to be careful of, especially on a first date.

• Don’t flirt with his buddies. That is so uncool. Be friendly, but don’t embarrass him or do anything to cause friction between him and his friends.

• Don’t pick at your food and act like all you eat is a small salad. Most women like to eat and men actually like women who enjoy their food.

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• Don’t act like you like something that you don’t. Sooner or later it will come out and then what? He’s rock ‘n soul and you love classical – his music will sound like noise to you and he’ll think you are an uptown girl. Just be yourself please.

• Don’t keep looking at your phone. It’s rude, and you wouldn’t want him to do that to you. Unless your mom and keeping your phone handy for the babysitter, the dang thing shouldn’t even be in sight.

• Don’t go to the same spot with new dates that you went with your ex. What if you run into him there? It will make your date feel awkward, and probably make his date feel awkward, too.


• Don’t pressure him to meet friends and family. It will happen when he is confident there is something going on that he wants to share.

• Don’t check in with him every friggin’ day. It’s not cool. In fact, it will probably be more attractive to him to think that you have a life of your own.

• Don’t make him go to family events too early in the relationship, like your cousin’s wedding! Besides, weddings freak guys out, and do you really want him see you dive for the bouquet like an eagle going for a mouse?

• Don’t avoid talking about real issues once you are past the first or second date. If you two have major differences, it’s best to get them out in the open before anyone gets serious.

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• Don’t compare him to your former man. Statements like, “Oh, you’re just like my last boyfriend” are real turnoffs.

• Don’t lie. One lie will quickly turn into another and it’s just not necessary. Be you. Be the best you that you can be and that should be quite enough.