11 Fun Things To Do With Your Girlfriend

Reggie Yates model girlfriend

1. Go Rock Climbing or Rappelling Together

Feel the adrenalin rush with your sweetheart by your side. The teamwork and partnership will only add another dimension to your relationship.

2. Cook Together

She may be the perfectionist in the kitchen, but you need to show her you can enter that domain and make it fun too! Cook a simple meal together and eat it out of each other’s plates, or better still, lick it off each other’s fingers!

3. Build Something Together

Make a doll-house for your niece, or any other piece of furniture for the house. Split the work and assign the roles to each other. The patience the task involves will help build the relationship.

4. Do Voluntary Work

There can be nothing more satisfying than doing good for others. And to do it along with your partner can be even more fulfilling

5. Exercise Together

Register at the same gym and work out together. You could also go for a run together or go swimming together. Follow the exercise session with a sweaty make-out session and enjoy the additional workout!

6. Join Salsa Classes

A sexy way to keep the passions soaring is to join dance classes with your ladylove. Learn the moves at class and practice with half the attire back home!

7. Rent Bicycles and Go for a Picnic

Pick a bright sunny day on a weekend and pack a picnic basket too. If you do not possess bicycles, rent them. Visit a picnic spot in the vicinity and enjoy the day out with her. A must-do for a nature-loving couple.

8. Karaoke Night Out

If you and your girl are fond of singing, try going out for a karaoke night. Let your hair loose and sing the night away!

9. Wear Each Other’s Undergarments for a Day

Okay, this one could be a little kinky, but will keep both of you thinking of each other the whole day long.

10. Camping Trip

Go hiking or camping together. Stay in a riverside camp and live close to nature for a few days. With nobody around but her for a few days, you will get to spend quality time with each other in a fun way. Doing fun things together strengthens the bond and helps you build trust, passion and of course, memories. So, let go of the stress and enjoy life with her.

11. Let Her Give You a Haircut
Don’t worry about how your hair will look afterward. What’s the worst that could happen? If she messes it up, all you need to do is go to the hairdresser and fix it up. You both will have a fun time. Make sure you take lots of pictures of this episode.