10 Worst And Mentally Deranged Serial Killers

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Unfortunately, in this large world, deranged men always existed. They made victims with cold blood among men, women, even young people, and children. These killers have no feelings and no consciousness. Specialists find very hard to understand what goes on in the mind of a killer, although it seems that most of them do it out of pleasure. Luckily, each of the worst serial killers made a mistake at some point, permitting the authorities to capture them. They were either sentenced for life, even many lives to come, or receive the death punishment for their horrific murders.

1.    Gary Leon Ridgway

Also known as the Green River Killer, since that was the area where he threw the bodies. He claims to have taken the lives of 71 persons, by strangulation. Most of them being prostitutes or runaways. Still, he was convicted only for 48 murders, getting a lifetime sentence, without any chance of parole.

2.     Harold Shipman, Dr.

Speaking about trusting your doctor. This man used to murder his patients, mostly old women. What is intriguing is that no particular reason was found for these killings since the victims did not present any trace of violence or rape. But their number is staggering, Shipman being convicted of killing 200 persons. His sentence consists of 15 lives behind bars.

3.     John Wayne Gacy

Awkward enough, this man used to dress up as a clown to attend children parties and charity events. Still, he was accused of raping and murdering 33 young people, mostly boys. Polices started to follow him, when he told once to an office that clowns can get away, even if they murder. He was eventually caught and sentenced to death, being executed in 1994.

4.     Ted Bundy

The exact number of victims is not known for sure. Although he confessed 30, the police believe the number was much higher. Bundy first worked on earning the trust of his victims, meeting them in public places. He used to rape them, strangle them and throw their bodies into the woods. Often, he used to come back and lie with the bodies, even have sex with them. A brilliant mind, he helped policemen and investigators understand the criminal mind, after the arrest.

5.     Luis Garavito

The rapist and murderer of more than 400 people, very many of them being homeless children. The young ones were lured in by him, since he worked to win their trust. He used to rape them and then kill them. Being a victim of abuse as well, he only confessed 140 murders of what he was suspected of. He received a conviction of 60 years.

6.      Karl Denke

Disguised as the perfect neighbor and community member, Denke was loved by anyone. He attended church and befriended anyone in town. He used to sell belts, suspenders and jars with pickled pork. Still, screaming was heard once from his home. And as a neighbor ran there, he discovered a man covered in blood. Police arrested Denke, but found him hanged the next morning in the cell. They eventually found human skin and pickled flesh. It seems that this is what he was selling after all, killing 40 people for them.

7.     Jeffrey Dahmer

He used to attract men to his apartment, where he would murder them and then dismantle their bodies. The skulls of his victims were kept as souvenirs. It is believed that he killed 17 men this way, and even consume parts of their bodies. Police was alerted by an escaped victim, and Dahmer got 900 years of conviction. But he was found dead, in jail, after several years.

8.     Gilles de Rais

An honorable captain in the army of Joan D’Arc, decorated and well-known for his brave deeds, this man had a horrible face. He used to attract young boys by promising sweets, only to torture and mutilate them. His main pleasure was to take a bath in their blood. The servants of his castle used to get rid of the bodies by burning them.

9.     Countess of Bathory

This cold blooded Countess of Hungary used to appreciate torturing and killing young women. She used to attract young peasant girls by offering them well-paid jobs. But they never returned from her castle again. The real number of her murders is unknown, but the highest was of 650 in one of her trials. She believed that the blood of young girls will make her young again, bathing it in very often. Also called the Blood Countess, she was eventually imprisoned, where she died four years later.

10.   Jack the Ripper

Jack the Ripper

Probably the only serial killer whose identity was never discovered. No one knows until today what his real name is, where he lived or was born. The lack of skills and technology allowed him to walk away unpunished. He was famous for killing prostitutes, all in England, and getting away each time without a trace. None of the present theories can be backed-up by evidence.