Balance your diet. An effective diet has to be versatile. This means you cannot feast on the fat things alone. You need proteins, vitamins, minerals and carbs. The best way to equalize your diet is to introduce five main food categories into it: veggies, fruit, grains, meat, dairies and fish. This way your body would get everything it needs to stay healthy and to maintain healthy weight.

Get snacks. Get snacks in between your meals. This is a healthy habit both for those wishing to lose or to put on weight. Only the snacks should differ. In your case you may snack on carbs: cookies, crackers, raisins, sweet fruit, fat cheese, nuts, seeds, etc. Get as many canapés as you want and do not forget to get one right after you work out.

Get the right drinks . Plain water won’t help you put on more pounds. So, get the right drinks: fat milk, protein shakes, sweet juices, hot chocolate, cocoa, coffee with milk, etc. You may even buy specially designed drinks that help gaining weight fast. They may come handy if you have the lack of appetite.

In most cases being healthy is all you need to gain weight. If you take good care of yourself, get sufficient rest, food and activity; if you keep the level of stress down, you can gain weight with no problem. After all, curves are not the most alluring features in a female, but health is. A healthy woman has high energy levels and most African men say that the main attraction in a wife for them is her knack to take care of him, of the home and kids and to earn some additional cash for the household.