Add up calories. Calories is what make us put on pounds. You may preserve your existing diet and still add more calories into it. You can do it by adding more butter into grains or when cooking. You may use mayonnaise instead of vegetable oil in salads. You may eat such fatty things as nut butters with bread or crackers.  You may substitute all the skinny milk with the fat one.

Get a bite more often. With this goal in mind one has to have at least three dinnertimes a day plus appetizers. Or, you may add up and have up to five meals a day. Make shorter breaks in between the meals. This would help double your calories and start putting on weight more effectively.

Use bigger plates. The size does matter. For those wishing to lose weight the recommendation is to use reduced size dishes and vice versa for gaining weight. Usually people do not like the vacant plots on plates, so you automatically start loading more food every time you eat. It works, just give it a try.

Keep a diet diary. It’s a good idea to examine what works for you the best. So, start keeping a nutrition journal. Write down everything you consume throughout the 24 hours period. Write down the times you eat and the foods you consume. Then write down your weight daily. This would help you understand how to keep on putting on weight.