Having trouble finding Mr Right? You’re not alone. As women are from Venus and men are from Mars, how on this earth do we go about attracting the man of our dreams? Single ladies, don’t go on a date until you’ve read these 10 tips on getting the man you want:

How to attract him 1: Know who and what you want

The first step to getting the man of your dreams is knowing who and what you want. If you already know this, move on to step two. If not, it’s important to identify exactly what you want to get out of a relationship to make it less like searching for a needle in a haystack. Think of your goals in life and try to find someone who can accompany you in what you’d like to do. For example, if your life dream is to travel around the world testing wine in different countries don’t waste your time on the T-total guy who is scared stiff of air travel.

how to get the man of your dreams: Find someone with similar interests to you

How to get the man of your dreams 2: Get a date

Once you’ve taken a shine to one special gentleman, it’s time to get a date with him. Strike up a conversation and he’ll be much easier to approach in the future. If there’s an attraction between you both he will hopefully invite you on a date but, if he doesn’t, don’t be afraid to make the first move. Ask if he’d like a game of pool or to go out for lunch one day; by making casual advances you don’t run the risk of coming on too strong.

How to get the man of your dreams 3: Be yourself

When you’re getting to know your love interest, make sure you are 100 per cent yourself and not changing your personality just to fit in with him. Don’t give in to the temptation of thinking you need to act like someone else just to impress him; you want him to fall for you, not a carbon copy of Angelina Jolie or your best friend who you think has a great personality. Be yourself – you are unique and interesting in your own way.

How to get the man of your dreams 4: Be interesting

Where do you work? What do you do in your spare time? These are common questions to be asked on a date and they’re really straightforward but your brain can come up with some pretty strange stuff when you’re under pressure. Before your date, think of interesting ways to answer these questions and have a few little questions up your sleeve to ask him if the conversation starts to lull. Being prepared will make you a lot less awkward and a whole lot more interesting.

How to get the man of your dreams 5: Don’t give too much away

A little intrigue goes a long way when it comes to bagging the man of your dreams so it’s important to speak to him confidently without giving too much away. Go ahead and tell him some interesting things about yourself, but don’t bombard him with information; you don’t want to come across as self-centred or boring. The excitement of discovering everything about each other should be a journey and you want to leave him eager to learn more about you in the future.

How to get the man of your dreams 6: Dress accordingly

First impressions have a habit of sticking so how you dress on your first date is important. As many first date horror stories centre around buttons popping off and chicken fillets falling out, wearing a brand new outfit might not be a good idea. If you are planning on wearing something new, test it out first by wearing it to the shop or your friend’s house. Make sure your date outfit gives off the first impression you’re hoping for and is appropriate for the weather, the occasion, and your style and personality.

How to get the man of your dreams 7: Be relaxed

It’s important to be as calm and relaxed as possible when you’re on your date because a nervous attitude can lead to clumsiness, which leads to panic, which leads to more panic, and it’s a continuous cycle. Make sure you review what you already know about the person before the date so you can ask further questions if you get stuck for things to say. Adding a touch of humour always goes a long way in setting a relaxed tone.

How to get the man of your dreams: Make sure you're relaxed before you're date

How to get the man of your dreams 8: Be positive

If you walk into a date feeling negative, the chances are it won’t go well. No matter how self conscious or worried you feel, act like you know what you’re doing and you’re happy with your life as it is. If your date gets the impression that you’re down in the dumps and the only thing that can cheer you up is him, there’s a good chance he won’t want to be around you again. Radiate positivity and you’re destined for a second date.

How to get the man of your dreams 9: Watch how much you’re drinking

If you’re meeting at a bar or restaurant drinks will probably be involved and, when you’re feeling nervous, it’s easy to chug the wine back like there’s no tomorrow. Whatever you do, please don’t do this. Excessive alcohol on a first date is a recipe for disaster and you risk leaving the first impression that you’re a party girl who dances on tables, falls over steps, and rounds of the night with a sick session. This is not the right way to go about bagging your dream man.

How to get the man of your dreams 10: Enjoy

Once you’ve been on a few dates, you’ll eventually start feeling more relaxed around your love interest. Now is the time to enjoy each other’s company and live for the moment. If you’ve found the right man, you’ll know about it. Make the most of the quality time you have together before you have children! Enjoy!


source: realbuzz.com