It’s not easy maintaining a relationship. A lot of things can go wrong, and then it’s up to you whether or not the relationship is worth saving. Here are some of the top things that can kill a relationship.

• Family and friends… it may be a good idea to save on your cell phone bill to have them involved, but they can be real relationship destroyers. You have to try to get along with just about everyone. Think about it… if your relationship with his mom or sister is so strained that he is forced to make a choice,whom do you think he will choose?


• Everyday life – you have to work out who is going to cook, who is going to clean, who is going to pay for the take out or the cable? Who is picking up his kid from a previous relationship from day care? Make sure you both are on the same page or any of these things can turn into relationship breakers.

• Other suitors or exes. Don’t let them hang around much. It can put a real strain on a relationship if other men hang around you a lot or you still have long conversations with your ex. Make sure you make it clear that you have a love interest now and are not interested in anyone else.

• Bad habits. They may be cute in the beginning, but certain bad habits can become annoying and magnified and pretty soon a big argument ensues and he says you are nasty because you don’t put the cap back on the toothpaste. See where we are going here?


• Getting too used to each other. Don’t take your man for granted. Spice things up now and then. Change the routine. Do something different to let him know how glad you are that he is in your life. Boredom can cause a partner to go astray.

• Having different goals eventually is going to come to a head. Work out those things before you jump the broom or move in together. If he wants kids and you don’t, that eventually going to be a deal breaker.

• Let bygones be bygones. If one of you made a mistake and you decided to stay together, don’t use it as an argument tool. And don’t compare him to past men, and he should do the same. Work on growing together for a happy future.


• Don’t move too fast. Don’t let him move in after just a few weeks or even months. It takes a minute to really know someone. There is no need to rush.

• Don’t get clingy. Have a life or something to do away from your partner. You don’t need to be together 24/7. And that works in reverse, too. Don’t be so independent that your mate feels neglected.

• You knew this one was coming – cheating. It’s the top relationship killer. But truth be told, if you don’t let a lot of these other things happen, this one won’t either.