Everyone has a sense humour; they just need to know how to unlock it. The problem is though, what is funny to some is not funny to others. Having said that, some people do just seem to have the knack of making others laugh and to be able to laugh at themselves. If you think you lack a sense of humour, then read these ten tips on how to lighten up a little and improve your sense of humour.

1. Look on the bright side of life

Don’t take life too seriously because quite of lot of it is actually quite funny. There is nearly always a lighter side to situations we encounter and, in time, most of us can later laugh at some of our worst mistakes.

2. Observe other people

If you want to have a good laugh, then just look around you at what other people are doing! Look up from your coffee, the next time you are sitting a coffee shop, and just people watch, that’s where all the best comedians get their material, by watching us!

3. Relax, and don’t worry too much about what other people think

You have to relax if you want to enjoy yourself and make other people laugh. You can’t be too self-conscious about it and, if you try too hard to be funny, you simply won’t be.

4. Watch comedians on TV

Another good tip on how to develop a sense of humour is to watch comedians on TV. You can learn humour and even the stand-up comedians that you think do it naturally, have to learn their art. Watch some of the comic greats on TV, listen to their material, and most of all watch their delivery and their timing.

5. Listen and talk

Listen to other peoples stories and be prepared to tell your own, because everyone has a funny story to tell inside them. It doesn’t need to have everyone in stitches, it could just be a mildly amusing tale of something that has happened to you, or to someone you know.

6. Learn to make yourself the butt of the joke

Making jokes at other people’s expense can be offensive, but making jokes about you never can be, so be prepared to laugh at yourself and share the joke. We’ve all done silly things in our past that we are probably embarrassed to admit to, but these are exactly the things that other people will laugh at.

7. Know your audience

What’s funny to your friends on a night out could well be offensive to your grandparents, so be aware of who you are talking to, before you cross the line. Read how people are reacting, and if people look embarrassed or shocked, then it might be time to rein things in a bit.

8. Learn some jokes

Next tip on how to improve sense of humour is to learn some jokes. Even the best comedians have scriptwriters, so there is nothing wrong with learning a few jokes. Look up some jokes on the internet and remember the ones that make you laugh. Only the ones that make you laugh though, because if you don’t get it yourself, it won’t seem funny when you tell it.

9. The funniest jokes come out of the blue

Have you ever met a person that is constantly trying to be funny? It’s not funny, is it? Actually, it gets really irritating after a very short period and you begin to wish you were somewhere else. The occasion joke or wry comment is far funnier, when it is unexpected. Listen to the comic greats again, they will often spend ages telling a tale and it’s only the final punch line that is hilarious.

10. Practice

Don’t be afraid to try your humour on other people; practice is the best tip on how to improve sense of humour. We are all actually very similar and the chances are that if you think something is funny, then so will other people. Just remember, though, sometimes your humour will fall flat and some people just won’t get the joke. Don’t let that put you off though, keep practicing and you will soon learn what makes people laugh.

Do you have some other tips on how to develop and improve a sense of humour?

Stay happy!