10 Things To Say To People Who Tries To Skinny Shame You

For some strange reason, while most people think that fat shaming is wrong, thin-shaming seems to be almost acceptable. The truth is that thin-shaming can be just as hurtful, as fat-shaming and absolutely no one should be made to feel ashamed of their own body. Some people just are naturally thinner than others, so why make them feel bad about themselves and, if a person is suffering from an eating disorder, then shaming them for it could well make matters worse. If you are on the thin side, and you are fed up with people’s comments about it, here are ten perfect responses to give someone who tries to shame you for being too skinny.

1. “Great, lunch is on you then”

If they seem that worried about your size, then give them the opportunity to do something about it! People that make comments about other people’s size are the same kind of people that wouldn’t lift a finger to help another person. So, place the shame back on them and see what they do.

2. “Yeah, looks like you could do with some tips”

It is most likely that the person dong the shaming hasn’t got a perfect body shape either, so be ‘helpful’, and see if they would like some slimming tips! They are probably just trying to focus attention on you, so no one notices how big they are.

3. “You must be a great person to be friends with”

It does make you wonder what is really going on inside the heads of people who try to shame others for their appearance. They are the ones with the real problem, so point out that they are being rude and make them think about how other people probably think about them.

4. “I’m sorry, were you talking to me?”

Sarcasm is the best form of wit sometimes and, if you try and engage these people in a conversation, they will be at a loss for words. One liner insults is probably all they can manage, so stay calm, don’t retaliate, just see if they can string together two sentences in a row!

5. Just shrug and look them up and down

Sometimes the best response you can give, is give them none at all. Just look them up and down a couple of times, smile sweetly at them and look away again. They are probably not worth any more of your effort than that anyway.

6. “This is me, you can take it or leave it; I really don’t care”

If you are happy with how you look, then who cares what anyone else thinks? Whether they are criticising a person for being too fat, too thin, too tall, or too short, the people who do the shaming should be minding their own business, so tell them that you are not even vaguely interested in their opinion of you.

7. “I can gain some weight. Can you gain some intelligence?”

Body size is usually a choice and, if you wanted to pile on the pounds you could. A person who throws around insults, though, is unlikely to be able improve on their intelligence, so a little reminder of that fact wouldn’t go amiss!

8. “Oh my God! What happened to me?”

You can really put someone on the back foot, if they think you are about to freak out! Feign surprise, or even panic at this breaking news that you are not fat and make a big noise about it too. Let’s see who is the more embarrassed then!

9. “…and I’m happy and healthy too”

If you are happy and you have your health, then the size of your body is not important to anyone else. There is nothing to be ashamed of; so be proud of who you are. Tell the person who is trying to shame you that you are happy just the way you are.

10. “Yawn”

You could also just show them the contempt that they deserve. Look them right the eye, hold your hand to your mouth, and let out the biggest and the loudest yawn that you can manage. These people are boring and unintelligent, so let them know what you think of them and hopefully they will go away.

Stay happy!