Science doesn’t really understand why some people seem to put on weight more easily, than others, because there are so many factors involved. Some, though not much, can be put down to genetics, but the rest is down to a mixture of different factors, including diet, exercise, type of job and the general habits that a person adopts in everyday lifestyle choices. Although the precise reasons can’t be ascertained, there are some things that skinny girls do have in common and here are ten of them:

1. They get an adequate amount of sleep

One of the more surprising things that can affect your weight is the amount of sleep that you get. A lack of sleep can cause the body to react by releasing the hormone, cortisol, which will make you feel hungrier than normal, so getting a regular, good night’s sleep is important, if you want to keep your weight stable.

2. They can’t sit still for long

You will normally find that thin girls are the ones that can’t seem to sit still for very long. A study found that obese people sit for, on average, two hours per day more, than thin people do. It’s not only working out that can help you lose weight, just being more active all day long works too, and people who can’t sit still could be burning 350 more calories per day, than those who spend a long time doing nothing.

3. They know when they have had enough food

Many children are brought up with the rule that you should clear your plate at mealtimes. Skinny girls, however, don’t see the point in stuffing themselves to bursting point just to be polite and they are quite prepared to say that they are full and leave some food on their plate.

4. They weigh themselves

Slim people weigh themselves regularly to keep an eye on their weight. They don’t panic over an ounce or two here and there, but they are aware of their weight. By weighing themselves often, it is easier to shed an extra ounce or two, than to leave it until they can measure the problem in pounds.

5. They watch what they drink, as well as what they eat

On average, Americans drink 400 calories per day and those calories are mainly coming from sugar. Skinny girls know that it’s easy to take on board excess calories by drinking things like full fat, milky coffee drinks or soda, and they track the calories that they get from drinks as closely, as they do the calories in food.

6. They don’t panic over hunger

Skinny girls know that feeling hungry is not an emergency that needs to be dealt with immediately. They don’t reach for the nearest edible thing, the moment that they feel the first hunger pangs, because they know that they are not doing any harm, leaving it until later to eat.

7. They eat slowly and they savor their food

Skinny girls rarely eat on the go, they take time with meals and savor their food. It’s a well-known fact that if you eat while you are distracted, then you will eat more, than you really need. If you concentrate on what you are eating, chew your food well and savour the flavour, you are more likely to stop eating, when you have had enough.

8. They only eat when they are hungry

Thin people eat only when they need to and they don’t eat for comfort or for pure pleasure. Even at mealtime, if they are not very hungry, then they will have a very light meal or a snack, and they don’t eat for the sake of eating.

9. They eat high water content foods

Skinny girls tend to eat more high fibre, high water content foods, than people who are overweight do, in other words, fruit and vegetables. They will often eat a salad before a main meal or have some soup that fills them up with low calorie food; all this helps to stop them from over eating.

10. They don’t place too much importance on food

For skinny girls, eating is just a means to an end, not the end itself. If anything, eating is a chore that has to be dealt with and gets in the way of doing more interesting things, so they only eat, when they need to.

Do you have some other weight management tips to share?

Stay happy and healthy!