10 Things To Do Right Now That Will Make Your Partner Happy


Sometimes you just want to do something romantic for your partner that will put a smile on their face. Here we show you 10 things you can do right now that will make your girlfriend or boyfriend happy.

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10 things I love about you

We all like hearing compliments, but just telling your partner that they look good isn’t enough to make them especially happy. Instead, you need to up the anti and write out 10 things you love about your partner on 10 separate pieces of card or paper.

Then hide the handwritten compliments in places they visit in and around your house regularly – like their makeup bag, the fridge or even the glove box of their car. Don’t tell your partner about the hidden messages and let them discover the cards by themselves.


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Hot pajamas

It’s the little things that make you truly happy and there’s nothing nicer than stepping out of a hot shower and being presented with a pair of warmed up pajamas, especially if you Put your face on pajamas to get them a special gift beforehand. To make your partner’s pajamas warm, pop them in the dryer five minutes before they get out of the shower or put their pajamas on a radiator. If your partner doesn’t wear pajamas you could heat their towel up instead and hand it to them when they are finished scrubbing up.

Alternatively, you could surprise them with new pajamas to get comfy in. You may find that these wild onesies are a hit with your partner; not only are they comfortable and warm, but there’s a variety of characters to dress up as! Perhaps you want to get your partner a special pair of pajamas or sleepwear to show how much you love them. For example, silk sleepwears are very popular at the minute. Your partner is definitely going to appreciate a kind gesture like that!

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Kiss them and leave

Surprise can be key when you want to put a smile on your partner’s face, so walk up to them right now and give them a long, slow romantic kiss. Once you’ve kissed them, walk away. Couples often stop making out once they have been seeing each other for a while and a gesture like this will take them back to those early, romantic days when you first began to date.

Text them the lyrics of your song

It might be cheesy but most couples have a romantic song that reminds them of one another. If you and your partner have a song you both love, make them happy by texting them a few key lyrics right now. Or you could send a link to the song on Youtube instead.

It doesn’t matter if they’re in the same room as you when you send the lyric, or if they’re miles away, as soon as they receive your message they’ll be beaming.

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Surprise picnic lunch

When your partner is at work or out for the day you should pack a hamper with all of their favourite foods and meet them for a surprise picnic lunch. You could even pop in a few foods that will turn your partner on to spice up the picnic. Remember to take a blanket and make sure there is a place you can go that is nearby so that you have time to relax and enjoy your lunch together.

Help them with a problem

When you feel overwhelmed or lost because of a problem it can be great to know your partner understands and cares. If you can, try to come up with a solution that might help your partner with their issue or problem.

However, make sure you talk whatever ideas you have through with your partner before you act, as you might end up making the situation worse. Even if they don’t want your help, the fact you are offering your support should be enough to make them happy.

Favourite food hunt

Buy the ingredients for your partner’s favouritemeal and then hide the ingredients around your kitchen. Then ask your partner to come into the kitchen and explain that they have to find however many items you have hidden in a three minute time period. Set a timer and make sure you give them hints and clues if they are struggling. Once all the ingredients have been found cook them their favourite meal. This idea works well for breakfasts as well as evening meals.

Candles and music

If you have a bag full of tea-light candles grab them and light thirty or so, putting the candles in safe places around the room you are in. If it’s light outside draw the curtains. Then put on a romantic song you know your partner likes and call them into the room as if you need them for something. When your partner comes in take their hand and have a little dance – they’ll think you’re the best thing in the world.


Send them a postcard

Pick a postcard and write a romantic message for your partner. Then lick a stamp and pop it in the post. When that postcard comes through the door it will instantly lift your partner’s mood. Sending a postcard to your partner even works when you live with them, so don’t let cohabiting stand in the way of your mail-themed romantic gesture.

Be their slave

To make your partner happy, run them a bath, light some scented candles and when they have begun to relax tell them that when they get out of the bath they are going to watch their favourite film or program, whilst you do the chores and cook. If your partner isn’t home right now, text them the plan to help them get through their day.

source: realbuzz.com