Imagine my wife sending me the link to the 10 things a guy should do… So I expect her to see this too…

These are ten things you should never do to your husband.

1. Never cheat on your husband.

2. Never deny your husband sex.

3. Never beat your husband. Whether slap or blows, talk back or deny their authority.

4. Never call your husband names such as silly, arrogant, douche, fool etc.

5. Never hate your husband. Only love your husband.

6. Never cease to buy your husband good gifts.

7. Never cease to support your husband through the thick and thin.

8. Never cease to pray for your husband cos he is the head and if its better for him, it is best for you…

9. Never cease to call your husband sweet names. Always tell him sweet words.

10. Never cease to defend and protect your husband.

So help them Lord.