Everyone has some insecurities in life. It is the duty of your partner to understand and eliminate your insecurities. But men and women rarely understand why each one is insecure. If you ask a man why women feel insecure, he will not have a clue. So if a man is not able to understand what makes a woman insecure, how is he supposed to have a fruitful relationship with her.

That is why; it is very important for men to know what women want in order to eliminate their insecurities from the relationship. In fact there are many perks of knowing why a woman feels insecure. You can always use this knowledge to exploit her insecurities for different reasons.

For example, if your girlfriend is after your life to lose weight, you can tell her ‘I like my curves but you hardly have any’. It will immediately make any woman feel insecure. You can also use the knowledge of what makes a woman insecure positively. For instance, if you wife puts on weight after having baby, she is bound to be insecure. You can cheer her up by saying that you ‘like your girl to be curvy not skinny’.

Here are some of the top reasons that make women feel insecure.


Weight Even if you ask a skinny looking girl if she is happy with her body, she will make a face. Most women are insecure about being overweight and are perpetually trying to lose weight. There are also some who want to put on weight to have some curves.

Other Women Women are the most keen observers of other women. In fact, most women dress for other women and not for their men. And if they feel that another woman is ‘better’ than her, she most certainly feels insecure.

Age There is a very old saying that you should never ask a woman her age. Women most often do not understand the meaning of ageing gracefully. They associate advanced age with wrinkles, grey hair and unattractiveness.

Marriage Most women have target age in their mind by which they should be married. If they are nearing that target age, they get insecure that their time to have a match is running out.

Breast Size Just like men have penis envy, women have boob envy. The critically compare their breast size with their friends and also lie about their bra size

That Her Man Is ‘Using’ Her For Sex Women are most fearful of being used or treated as commodities. Women often become insecure after having sex with their partner because they feel that their partner will dump them after taking them to bed.

That The Guy Won’t Call Her Back Women totally stink when it comes to handling rejection. If a girl rejects a guy, he will probably laugh about it over beer with his friends. But if a guy rejects a girl, it affects her self-image and confidence.

Sexual Prowess Women constantly worry about satisfying their man in bed. They are always more concerned about their partner’s pleasure instead of their own. They have this insecurity that if they are not good in bed, their man will leave.

Holding On To Their Man Women want stability in their relationships with men. They try to hold on to their man and save him from the prying eyes of other women. That is why; women constantly suspect their partner of cheating on them.

Being A Man’s Priority Every woman wants to be her man’s top priority in life. That is why a mother-in-law is insecure about her daughter-in-law and vise versa. Women judge their self worth by using the men in their life as currency.
SOURCE: www.boldsky.