Dating is difficult. I’m talking about real “I’m looking for THE one” kind of dating. This should not be confused with “please leave before I wake up” kind of dating. If you are truly looking for Ms. Right, consider these 10 things that could potentially be turning women off.

1. Profile name: SmackDaddy, ImaPlaya, FunAllNight, and anything that ends in “69.” If we were solely looking for s*x, there are specific websites for that. Even if you say you’re a gentleman who likes kittens and cuddling, your profile name says otherwise.

2. Bathroom Mirror selfie: I might look at your abs for a second but I’ll fixate on your pile of laundry and dirty tub in the background. Want to turn me on? Clean your bathroom. Likewise, take a minute to look at what is in the background of your pics. That photo of you and your girl on your night stand? You might want to put that away.

3. Picture of your boat/car/bike/pet/favorite sunset: I guess these are nice photos if you are looking through a magazine, but we are interested in who YOU are. Do you really want a woman who is only interested in your material things? You should have at least one full-length photo and another showing a toothy smile. Sadly, we have enough experience to question the close-lipped smiles. And those group photos? We shouldn’t have to guess which one is you.

4. Generic Bio: Let me guess… You work hard and play hard. You can get dressed up or be comfortable in jeans. You love music and you hate drama. Your kids mean the world to you. Sound familiar? It sounds familiar to us, too. Get creative! Ask a friend to help you. Ask your kids to describe you. A little effort goes a long way.

5. No bio, no pic: That means you’re married or in a committed relationship. Bye.

6. Impersonal personal messages: “Hey sexy. Wanna chat?” No, I don’t. I can bet that you’ve sent this to every other female that is currently online right now. Read my profile, and send a personalized message based on something that interested you. It’s probably the most important reading comprehension quiz you’ll ever take. (See #9)

7. Grammar and spelling: Your profile should not look like my teenaged daughter’s text messages. I’m sure you’re educated, and that is a turn on for many women. You won’t be graded on your writing. But consider that u could b missing out on a gr8 woman bc u rite like dis.

8. Conflicting data: One picture shows you running some sort of muddy, fire leaping marathon with bulging muscles. The next one is you with “a few extra pounds” (Fifty is not a few, by the way!). Do you still have the ZZTop beard? Which one is most recent? These are not necessarily deal breaker photos, but represent yourself honestly. No one likes surprises on a first date. (See #3 regarding toothless smile.)

9. Seeing your profile on every dating site: Wait, if I see your profile on various sites, then I’m on every site too, right? No. I can Google your screen name and the magic of searching gives me a list of websites that have your screen name registered to it. How can you be on a fetish site and a religious site at the same time? Decide what you are looking for, and then get serious about dating.

10. Relationship baggage: We all have some, but it’s important to not let old baggage affect new relationships. If the baggage keeps reappearing, learn from it, and keep it in the past. No one wants to read about your bitterness, nor do they want to pay the price for your past hurts.