Breakups are hard and once you’ve finally got over those tough early days and have left your comfy pyjamas and tubs of ice cream behind, it’s time to re-learn some of your single girl traits and rise to the new challenges that face you. Here we show you the 10 qualities every single girl needs to embrace.


Now that your guy has gone, you won’t feel so good about having long, lazy weekends where you stay in bed until six in the evening. Being single means that you need to be proactive and book up your free time with meals out with friends and trips with your family.

Loneliness and isolation can make getting over someone a lot more difficult and spending too many nights in with a ready meal for one will definitely lower your spirits.  Get proactive and beat the single girl blues.



When you are in a relationship you get very used to doing things with someone and you rarely have to go out and do things all on your own. Now that you are single though you need to become independent and get comfortable going to parties, cafes and events on your own. If you don’t get back your independence you’ll end up missing out on a lot of the fun things you enjoy. Plus going to places on your own means that you are far more approachable and you might end up meeting Mr Right.


Once you are ready to begin dating again you need to re-learn your easy-going approach to dates and men. Don’t fall too hard too soon with guys and don’t take it personally if things don’t go right or you both don’t hit it off. Remember that you need to go on lots of dates before you’ll find another suitable man so adopt an easy-going approach to dating and try not to take things too seriously.



You may have always dreamt of having a big family and a husband and although that dream isn’t unachievable sometimes having this sort of ambition when you are single can make life tough for you. Try to focus your attention on a different dream, such as running a half marathon or writing a book. Then when you meet someone you can always switch back your focus to a big wedding and kids.


Having a boyfriend means that when a problem arises, like a bulb going out on your car, you can rely on each other to help fix the issue.  Yet now, it’s all down to you to fix the problem and that can be daunting. Re-learning how to be self-sufficient should help you get yourself out of most issues though. You should read tips online, get books from the library and make the most of your resources (and by resources, we mean your mum and your dad).


Being single means that your workload just doubled. Not only do you now have to work full-time you also have to do all of the housework, food shopping and house admin. To make sure you don’t end up living in a mess or doing chores 24/7 you need to get super organised. Trying to do a few chores before work can help save lots of time. Multitasking will also help you achieve a healthy balance.


As well as your heart being broken, your piggy bank is also likely to be. Now that you’re single your finances are bound to be affected and you need to remind yourself that you can’t go on living the same kind of lifestyle you used to be able to afford. Making small changes will make a big difference though. Cancelling your gym membership, selling some of the clothes you no longer wear or cutting out alcohol will all help you boost your budget and help you to live on a smaller income.



After a terrible day at work you’ll miss your boyfriend the most. All you’ll want to do is go home to him and have a cuddle. Now though you need to re-learn how to become a self-soother and figure out ways that you can comfort yourself. You might need to ring up a friend, order in a takeaway and a film or go for a hard core run.

Thick skin

Being single is somewhat synonymous with being rejected and you’ll need to develop a thick skin if you don’t want to end up with low self-confidence. When you approach new guys remember that even if they say no it might not be about you. Learn ways to make you feel less disheartened and before long you’ll take rejection with a smile and be a stronger person as a result.


Self-confidence doesn’t just mean that you feel comfortable eating alone in a restaurant or delivering a work presentation to a room full of experts in your field.Self-confidence also means that you love yourself and that you are comfortable in your own skin.  Make sure that you spend some time enjoying who you are and nurturing yourself before you look for a new relationship. Being single is all about focusing on you and giving yourself some time and attention.