What is the difference between optimist and pessimist, bad day and good day, bad luck and good luck, friend and enemy or war and peace? Sometimes it’s just a smile. And yet, the only time we ask the other person to smile is for a camera. Like that perfect snap, our life can also be a picture of happiness only if we follow these ten simple rules.


Smiling or laughing makes you age slower


You can cut all the negativity of a bad day by smiling/laughing with your friends, favourite comedy show or family.


A smile makes you more attractive and thus ups your chances of finding a perfect partner


You are no longer a stranger in a room full of people, if you flash your million dollar smile


Even faking a smile releases chemicals that make us happy


Studies show that smiling relaxes the body and helps the heart function better


You can brush aside the failure by smiling, and resolving to learn from your mistakes.


Studies say if you smile more, your productivity increases. And so are your chances of getting successful in work and life.


Research shows that smiling and laughter reduces our pain. A smile is a natural painkiller.


When you smile at somebody, they generally smile back. The chances are the ‘smiled at’ people will smile some more. And you might have a lot of smiling, healthy people by the end of the day.

source: indianexpress.com