By Ijeleigbo

1. Look down on peers, elders, likely, because they’re not as wealthy as their boyfriends. Others are making good money, but you’re there boasting with s*x money, SHAME! Probably, the class of people you’d respect are yet unborn, thus, respect from younger ones should be far away from you.
2. Sponsor boy friend even at the university level &/or overseas, meanwhile younger siblings are out of school owing to school fees. Still searching for the class of stupidity I’d classify you under.

3. Born again christian at home, something else at school. Different wardrobe at home, another at school. You’re a 21st century chameleon!

4. Establish intimate relationships on social networks (eg facebook) that have led to some untimely deaths. How are you sure the guy you’re
dating on facebook is not a ghost. Why are you so desperate for friendship?

5. Very humble before and during courtship, but when they come into the family, they’d want to control every inlaw. Was that how your brother’s
wife was controlling you?

6. A guy would do just anything in ensuring he sponsors you up to the university level, but after graduation, you then discover he is no longer your type for marriage, meanwhile you agreed at first. You’re a dubious character!

7. One of your designer’s wears,weavon, gold, worth thousands, but your mother is too old to look good for you. When can your mother be proud of you? You’re gradually becoming a mother too, if not now, later. How did you treat your mother?

8. Some of them are ashamed of their mothers in public or amidst friends, because they think they’re not as civilised as they’re. She deserves to be your mother, if not, God would had choosen another mother for you.

9. Boast to friends about the number of guys they have dated by even pointing fingers & calling names(guys too). You’ve stylishly become a home-based prostitute!

10. Marry a man, not because they love the man, but because of his wealth. When wealth dies, what next? Money is good, but if it’s only what you look out for, marrying a cultist is inevitable. Not your portion!

Advice: Marry a man with vision who believes in your vision(if at all you have a good vision) & ready to sustain it. God’s man for you’ll not pass you by. Amen!


By Ijeleigbo