You Stop Pretending You Hate Sex

I grew up with the mentality that age doesnt define maturity. Below are the signs that you are now evolving into a WOMAN of VIRTUE
A matured lady doesn’t pretend she hates sex ’cause she knows she will be regarded as an hypocrite. Even if she doesn’t like it, she rather keeps shut or she even talks about it instead of squeezing her face as if she just took yoyo bitters at the mention of sex just as some girls do

A Matured Lady Does Not Advertise Her Virginity

When a woman still has her virginity, hardly would you even know rather than those who will advertise and show to their friends that they are so determined and disciplined

You Stop Keeping Magas

You are now evolving into a woman the moment you realize the idea of keeping corresponding magas doesn’t dignify you. You need to have the mentality that a lady also has to hustle to meet ends need and pull your resources together in order to make your man’s dream
come true

No King Rules Forever

A woman has it at the back of her mind that no king rules forever, therefore, she utilizes any opportunity rather than screening men like Gulder Ultimate Search Audition.. It’s funny some ladies lack foresight, therefore, they feel they will remain on top of the game forever.

You Stop Changing Boyfriends Like Bathroom Slippers

A woman is more concerned about her dating record rather than those who take pleasure in promiscuity because they feel their past has little or no impact on their future, therefore, they treat men harshly cos they believe they’ve got many of them at the snip of their fingers

You Appreciate Little Things

Little things trip we guys. It’s not until a man empties his bank account for you before you show mind of appreciation. When a dude sends you ordinary N100 recharge card, appreciate it and show to him that money is not plucked from trees

The Dignity Of A Lady Does Not Only Lie In Her Kitty-Cat

A mature lady possesses basic qualities why immature ladies place so much emphasis on virginity (for those who still have it). A woman Possess basic qualities that will make a man see beyond her kitty-cat or bosoms


 Swallow Your Pride

A woman humbles herself before people regardless of her class and she’s not brainwashed by the shakara associated with university education, beauty, fashion and her father’s wealth. However, she doesn’t feel pompous or behaves like a donkey cos her parents has made her realize how beautiful she is and that she’s from a wealthy home, therefore, a man has to treat her like the Queen of England

You Are Not Easily Moved

It takes the grace of God for a lady not to be moved by a motor car or fall for sugar-coated dudes. Many ladies quickly make up their mind at the sight of motor car and little deceit. A woman is patient, not gullible and looks beyond the motor car of a man

 Your World Does Not Revolve Around Money 

You don’t need to have a million b4 you can show to a guy that you are not a slave to money. A man will always ride and enslave you when your world revolves around money. A matured lady sees a man’s money as bonus. There’s no man on the surface of this earth who wouldn’t respect a woman who shows to him that his money is just a bonus

 By Emusmith