He often ends up canceling your plans.

Do you find that you can almost put money on the fact something is going to come up and he is going to happen to cancel on you? This is not only inconsiderate but it is downright disrespectful! You deserve someone who is going to make you a priority in their life.

He would rather walk away from an argument than work through it together.

Every couple is going to disagree and argue at one time or another, and it is completely healthy to have these disagreements! It is important, however, that you are able to work through these challenges together in order to come out stronger on the other side. If he’s willing to walk away from an argument, he will likely also be willing to walk away from your relationship.

He is completely against any type of outward displays of affection.

While not everyone is completely comfortable with outward PDA, the smaller displays like holding hands are usually a given in a real relationship. If he can’t even handle people seeing you holding hands that may be the sign that he isn’t completely invested and committed.

He doesn’t plan for the future.

It’s important to love being together in the here and now, but in a serious relationship, you are also planning for the future together. If you find that he is avoiding all conversations about where your relationship is going then he may not be planning his future with you in it.