He doesn’t take the time to really get to know you.

There are different ways that you can connect with someone – starting with a basic, surface level knowledge and continuing into deeper and more in-depth relationships. If your relationship has stalled at the surface level stage that a good sign that it’s not going to last.

You always have to plan the dates.

When you are getting ready to head out together do you find that you are invested in the date to come, planning what you are going to do and where you are going to go, whereas he appears to be completely indifferent? He should want to put the effort into treating you from time to time, a relationship is a two-way street.

He’s never introduced you to his family and friends.

When a relationship gets serious you want to share that with the people you care about. While ‘meeting the parents’ can be a stressful time, it is a natural progression in a healthy relationship. If you find that he is hiding you from his friends and family then it could be that he isn’t planning on this relationship lasting, and therefore doesn’t want to have to explain it to those he cares about down the road.

He is closed off emotionally.

While some people may struggle from time to time to open up and share their inner thoughts and feelings, it is a red flag if he never lets you in. It could be that he’s already made up his mind that your relationship will not last long term, and thus is choosing not to become emotionally invested in any way.