The dating game, however, isn’t always that cut and dry. Not every relationship we find ourselves in is going to end with the perfect ‘Happily Ever After’. In fact, most are going to end for one reason or another, leading us closer to finding that special someone. So, how do you know whether you have found someone who genuinely cares for you as much as you do for him?

If you find yourself questioning his commitment, he might just be with you out of convenience! Read through these signs that he may not be serious about your relationship…

You have an overall bad gut feeling about your relationship.

Your intuition is powerful and should be trusted! You may not actually know what it is about your relationship and/or your partner that feels ‘off’, it just doesn’t’ feel ‘right.’ If that’s the case, take yourself seriously! Listen to your gut! If you are feeling as though there is something wrong, don’t discount the fact that there may actually be something wrong!

You come to realize that he has never been single.

To be genuinely happy in a relationship one must first be happy with themselves. Some people, unable to truly feel that ‘self-love’ instead jump relationship to relationship, attempting to find that acceptance with others. They want the attention, not necessarily your specific relationship.

You always feel as though he ‘isn’t there’ when he is with you.

When you are having conversations and/or spending time with one another you may find that your partner is always distracted. While there may be that ‘one off’ time where something is genuinely plaguing his mind, for the most part, he should want to spend time with you and focus on your rather than allowing his mind to wander.