Some of these traits don’t always go together, as there are different forms of weakness:
1) He tries hard to please everyone, seems to think he is responsible for the happiness of friends and
family, and panics at times when he can’t achieve
2) He avoids conflicts at all costs. Debating of any sort, even friendly debate, makes him extremely uncomfortable. Instead of engaging in any kind of argument he will simply agree to disagree or not even state his opinion.


3) He has a history of involvement with bitchy women who use or mistreat him and is usually the dumpee.

4) He also has a history of falling in love many times. He doesn’t seem to be especially picky about what he likes in a woman.

5) You are in a LTR with him and he has never or very rarely complained about anything you’ve ever done.

6) His response to you pulling back a bit is to get extremely clingy.

7) He’s not there for you when a major life crisis or responsibility comes up. cool He has a history of stringing girls along

9) He never gets angry

10) He is always cutting himself down