Movies can act as tremendous emotional cleansing tools, providing a cathartic satisfaction as a means of distracting us from our every day woes. We know that the on-screen action isn’t real, but we willingly engage in suspension of disbelief so as to ride the highs and lows – the triumph and the heartbreak – through the lens of the film’s protagonist. Of course, this catharsis only exists when the action, violence and turmoil witnessed by movie-goers is actually fake.

The goal of many film producers and directors, particularly those working on pictures in the action, adventure, fantasy, thriller and horror genres, is to present incredible, remarkable happenings with as much realism and authenticity as possible. This can sometimes lead to troubling risks taken by over zealous producers or demanding directors whose obsessive and sometimes reckless determination to make a scene look real can come at the expense of the health and well-being of the actors and crew members involved in the filming. Those in front of and behind the camera can often be put in highly dangerous situations in order to get the right shot.

Under unfortunate circumstances, this demanding, high-risk approach can lead to injuries on set and crew members feeling forced into roles that they aren’t entirely comfortable with. Under tragic and horrific circumstances, this neglectful mindset can lead to death. Sadly, deaths on movie sets, while rare, have occurred pretty well since the dawn of Hollywood and have continued into modern times. Though certainly more commonplace in an era long since passed on account of more lax safety regulations and less concern for employee rights, death on a movie set will remain a threat for as long as heavy duty machinery, high-tech weaponry and ambitious stunt scenes remain in use.

When an on-set death occurs, there is an underlying mystery that seems to inevitably come with it, stemming from a morbid curiosity among the public. Typically, the project lives on even as one of its creators does not. The question, then, is what parts of the fatal scene were left on the cutting room floor out of respect to the fallen victims, and what parts managed to make the final cut, lending an eerie, disturbing dose of authenticity to the finished product. There’s a natural creepy fascination to the idea of capturing death on film, leading to much rumor, speculation and even some conspiracy theories tied to those who met their end on a movie set, particularly when it comes to recognizable actors.

Whether major stars or anonymous stagehands, the film industry workers on this list all have one macabre common quality: they died from incidents that occurred while on the set of a movie they were filming. Be they tragic accidents, unsafe situations that could easily have been avoided, gruesome kills or simply untimely deaths that just happened to take place while on location, these lives cut short have been, ironically, eternally preserved within the lore of shocking movie set deaths.