Sometimes job hunting is all about you. Sometimes job hunting is all about them. Don’t take every rejection personally. Here’s why.

You do not need to be a rocket scientist to realize that job hunting in Nigeria is painful, tedious, frustrating and most at times emotionally devastating. But not all rejection should be taken personally. In fact, there are many reasons you don’t get the job–and some have nothing to do with you and your skills.

Here are 10.

1. Someone Had Friends In High Places

We are talking about Nigeria. Even when you are over qualified for the job,aced the interview with flying colors, impressed the interviewers with all you got; all it takes is a phone call and the job goes to the least qualified person for the job. Don’t take it personally, nepotism is the bane of every job seeker in Nigeria.

Some companies have policies that a certain number of people have to be interviewed for each position (or that the job has to be advertised publicly) — regardless of the fact that the firm has already decided whom to hire.

You got dagged in to check off the proper boxes on the form, but never had a chance of getting the job.

2. The Job Disappeared

You’d think that when a company posts a job, sources résumés, and conducts interviews, the company would know it wants to hire someone. But that’s not always true.

Sometimes there are disagreements over which department gets the head count. Sometimes funding is moved to somewhere else. Sometimes the company just decides not to fill the job.

Nigerian Immigration Service (NIS), don’t sweat it, we are obviously not talking to you.

3. You’ve Been Conned

Some people in Nigeria make a living from snipping the small amount of money that job seekers have. How heartless!

You weren’t called because the money you were asked to pay for in order to process the interview process was used to fund someone’s account. Accept our deepest sympathy for your money lost.

As a rule, no genuine interviewer will ask a dime from you if they are really interested in giving you a job.

Once again, Nigerian Immigration Service (NIS) stop looking at us.

4. The Recruiter Is A Weird Fellow

Recruiters are funny people. Most are awesome, but some will reject you because you have scuffs on your shoes, or because they didnt like your face. We wish this was a joke.

Sometimes you might be asked a ridiculous question that has serves no purpose but to see how creative you can be or how you respond to difficult situations. You really do not want to hear some of the weird questions that some recruiters ask during job interviews.

Most recruiters aren’t horrible like these are, but some do have their games.

5. You’re Not A Good Cultural Fit.

As much as we like to think it should be all about the skills, it’s not. Different cultures are better for different people.

Nigeria is a country where we find it difficult to alienate tribe and religion from our day to day activities. You might rejected for a job because of your tribe, age, state of origin or religion.

A lady might be rejected because she wore trousers to a job interview, why? The company does not allow trousers at their place of work. You might be rejected for wearing two earring and sometime for having two ear holes.

Skills? You conquered that. Cultural fit? No, you didnt conquer that

6. You Can’t Agree On Salary.

Theoretically, salaries should be based on market rates and nothing more.

In Nigeria, there’s a ton of stuff that goes into a salary. A graduate could be made to endure the military training of the Navy SEALs and after such rigorous process you will be offered N20, 000 as salary for a month. May you never encounter such people in your job seeking experience.

Even when some companies are reasonable, the prospective worker might be flat out greedy. If you know you’re looking for something higher than what the company can offer, then don’t proceed with the interview process.

Why waste everyone’s time?

7. Your (bad) Reputation Preceded You.

Often people think they can burn bridges at old jobs, because they’ve moved on to newer and better. The problem is, the world is small, and the person you told to go f**k himself is the your current interviewer.

You didn’t even know his name, but he surely knows yours, and now you’re not hired.

8. You Blew The Interview.

Sometimes interviews simply go badly. It wasn’t that you did anything wrong–you didn’t answer your cell phone, pick your nose, or insult the interviewer–you just didn’t rock it.

Sometimes you have bad days.

9. There Was Someone Better Than You.

Often people identify themselves as perfect for the job, but you never get to vet the other candidates.

Your fitting all the listed qualifications doesn’t mean someone else isn’t better than you are.

10. Your Village Witches Are Dancing Sekeem On Your Head.

We are Nigerians, we are highly religious and we blame everything on religion. So yes, your village witches made you to fail the job interview.