This is based on my experience and other information I gathered from some students in my school and around me, and I’ll be sharing it to ya’ll. Enjoy you read and please whatever needs fixing should be fixed.
1: Failure to set their priorities right: Most students find themselves in the university or college and tend to think live is just a straight road without setting goals or something to achieve, they just go to class just because when you are in school you must go to class, some don’t even go at all. Setting your priorities right means planning ahead of time, know what you are in for and how soon you can achieve your goals.
2: The type of company they keep: higher institution I a place where you will surely get to meet people of different background, ethnic group and belief, and it takes a bad type to know who is bad to keep up with. Being a fresher is not a crime, but most fresher won’t stop forming “NA WE DEY HERE”, yeah cos they wanna be heard about, and they tend to walk with people who can only get out of their lives without adding a pinch.
3: Over engagement: Hmmm, at this junction I have to clarify the difference between school and a worship place or a business arena, yeah we understand that fingers are not equal, reason why some student fend form them while all you do is just to put a call through to your dad or mum, but I’ve come to realize that studying and business might go together but not as expected, more so, some students have turned their worship place into a lecture room, they call it serving God brings perfection and success, but I,ll remind you now in case you forgot that your primary mission in school is to read well and graduate with something worth it.
4: Failure to understand yourself: well, you might ask what that mean, am gonna tell you, understanding yourself means knowing what exactly work for you, are you the type who takes a coffee before you can read, perhaps you can hardly read with candle, do you even read at night? , oh oh oh so you’ve been working against yourself just because bro Jack goes to night classes doesn’t mean he knows more than you do, I tell you now that I met lot of scholars in my first year who can’t do without clubbing every weekend, yet they are doing really well in their studies. So sit yourself down and understand your philosophy.
5: Social life: well, I can’t blame it all on facebook, IG, whatsapp even 2go, gosh this social media apps are just not gonna stop to make and mar people’s dreams, technology has so much grown in the last few years, students now connect with anybody anywhere in the world “the world is global” that you just said abi? Yeah but I still don’t get why you stick to your phone chatting and reading lots of gist while you should be in class or even writing a test, a Prof, sometime asked why students now fail woefully, a student whispered to my ears and said “there was no FB, IG and 2go in your time” I couldn’t help but laugh.
6: The extroverts: I don’t know how to categorize this well, but am gonna try to make you understand, gaining admission into higher institution is enough to call an achievement, but I tell you that’s just the beginning of your quest, in remember how many people I called during my first year just to tell them I gained admission, even people I don’t really talk to , I later thought over it and asked “why am I doing this” try to ask yourself the same question. Perhaps you are the type who can’t just keep your happiness to yourself, I dare you to start doing that now, who knows you might just get lucky to change
7: Lack of parental advice or care: This should be for the parents, you have done well to pay for her school fees but on the part of caring oooooops you have done woefully bad, when last did you call her to ask if everything was fine, when last did you even visit her in school, I tell you students change in a blink of an eye, don’t be afraid if she returns home acting all weird, yeah you caused it. Do you even call her to encourage her to press on and not to get tired, oh “no one was there to tell me all these” is what u keep saying, stand up and fix this aspect.
8: Misuse of freedom: Now you are in school and no one to say “hey Dave, wash those plates” hmmmmm, well you might be free indeed but how do you manage your freedom, playing video games when you ought to be in class, seeing a friend at 10pm or even smoking and drinking, it doesn’t help you a bit, try to fix that
9: Lack of Self-confidence: This is the major reason why student fail a lot, even after you’ve read every material expected of you, you still feel empty in the skull, it’s not because you are dull but because you have not built your self-confidence, are you the type that rehearse just a single sentence just to approach your lecturer to clarify something to you? You don’t need to, he’s not God and surely he started from somewhere too.
10: Lack of plan/procrastination: most student fail to plan, plan as I know it is a laid down schedule or protocol to observe at a particular point in time, do you even have time to construct a time-table of your own, do u keep those assignments in your bag when you should take them out and answer, saying it’s not yet time for submission, I’ll do it later. But we all know later might end up being submission day or even beyond that