Men get a bad rep, but ladies if we’re truthful we know that we’re not exactly angels ourselves. Temper tantrums, unrealistic demands and a strong urge to smother have meant that for some of us, our relationships have ended prematurely and we’ve been ditched by the guy we liked. Here are 10 ways girls cause a break-up; can you spot anything familiar on our list?


If you’ve got a green-eyed monster living within you, beware; jealousy is one of the biggest ways girls cause a break-up. Checking your guy’s phone, Facebook or internet history tells him you don’t trust him and that you’re jealous. Immediately alarm bells will be ringing in his head and he might begin to assume that your jealousy will turn you into a controlling and restrictive girlfriend.


Acting like an emotional two-year old who can’t bear to be left alone will definitely cause a break-up. Men like to feel independent and enjoy a sense of freedom, so if they can’t even go to the game with their mates alone, they’re not going to want to stick around for long. Space is good, so if you find that you can’t stand not being by your man’s side for less than an hour try to take up a new hobby or work a little harder on your other relationships with friends and family.


Wedding bells and the patter of tiny feet

If you’ve been dating for four weeks and have already said that you want kids by the time you’re 28 (which is in a year), talked about where you’d like to get married and have hinted that you’d like to move into his apartment, he’s going to be panicking. If you’re overly keen at the start of a relationship you’ll scare off the person you are dating. Even though you were compatible and you might have ended up living together forever, he’ll break up with you because he’ll feel claustrophobic, trapped and think you’re a tad desperate.

You’re a state

Who cares if you’re drunk again; it’s a Friday night after all? Although drinking in moderation is a normal part of most adult’s lives, being too drunk too often will worry and possibly embarrass your man. If every weekend you’re a state who has to be taken home because you lost a shoe and nearly got kicked out of a bar, then he’ll get fed up and your wild ways will have caused him to break up with you.



Most women flirt and studies have shown that those who do often get better deals, but flirting too much with too many good looking men is one way girls cause a break-up. Men like to know that you are theirs and want to feel secure in the relationship. By flirting with other attractive men you’ll be sending your boyfriend signals that you might not stick with him for the long-haul. Chances are, he’ll cut the ties with you first before you get to ditch him for someone who looks like a part-time swim shorts model.