1. “I got too drunk at my family’s party and convinced my new boyfriend to sneak upstairs for a quickie. My sister agreed to keep watch for us downstairs, but my mom slipped by her. She opened the door and made direct eye contact with me as I was riding my boyfriend.” —Rachel H., 25

2. “We’re twins. Whenever I’m too lazy to do my laundry, I go in her room and steal her underwear.” —Ngonda b., 28, artist, Hudson, NY​

3. I used to work in retail. Whenever I handled the closing shift, if I didn’t know where a piece of clothing belonged, I would just shove it behind the shelves and not tell anyone.” —Kinsley B., 21

4. “I hid my first tattoo from my mom for five years. when i finally showed her, she was stunned. then she asked me never to show her any others.” —Doreen W., 26, Publicist, New York, NY​

5. “This is weird, but i’m really sexually attracted to clowns. when a girl dresses up like a clown, it’s so hot to me.” — Caleb s., 29, social-media manager, Pittsburgh, PA

6. “I panic when it comes to public speaking. I was giving a speech at a children’s hospital about self-confidence. I walked onstage, and I said, ‘Hi, I’m Chelsea Kane, and I believe in myself.’ And I hit the ground. The worst and best part is, Deadmau5 was DJing. I came to with him leaning over me. He was still wearing his helmet, but he’d taken out one of his ears and was fanning me with it. It was the weirdest coming-to ever.”—Chelsea Kane, Baby Daddy 

7. “I tried to send my boyfriend a dirty Snapchat, and I accidentally made it a Story—everyone could see it. I died a little.” — Siera T., 23

8. “The first time I cuddled with the guy I’m now dating, he fell asleep and started scratching my ear because he thought I was his dog. At least his dog was cute.” —Katy K., 21

9. “One of my roommates was so rude and refused to help the rest of us with household expenses like toilet paper and paper towels. So the rest of us hid the TP from her for two weeks. She moved out.” —Kara O., 21

10. “I was having sex with this really cute guy, and we were both very intoxicated. We fell out of his loft bed. I landed on his leg and literally broke it. I felt awful.”—Madison M., 20

This article was originally published as “Confessions” in the October 2015 issue of Cosmopolitan. Click here to subscribe to the digital edition!