When it comes to enjoying a meal, we typically go for the conventional restaurant where there are waiters and waitresses and traditional meals. There’s very little better than eating out at your favourite restaurant, check out local restaurant coupons to see how you can save while you dine! With the growing popularity of food delivery, many people do not have a ‘go-to’ restaurant. Look for Burwood restaurants if you’re in the search for a new restaurant for the family nights out. However, this mainstream way of dining eventually becomes boring for the adventurous eater or chef, and they start to yearn for something more creative and different. This is where the concept of bizarre restaurants come in. Thanks to the innovation and growth of the network, Food Network, along with reality shows depicting people with the craziest ideas for restaurants, more people are becoming inspired to create something totally off the wall for people’s enjoyment.
With the mass success of chain restaurants, restaurant entrepreneurs have to come up with something different in order to stand out from the crowd. Not only do diners now expect great food, but they also expect some form of entertainment or niche to make their dining experience a memorable one.
In this video are ten very bizarre restaurants that have captivated the world. What exactly makes these restaurants bizarre and weird? It’s not necessarily the food they serve, but instead, it is how the food is served and presented. For example, many Asian restaurants are integrating a practice called “Nyotaimori”, which translates to “served on the female body.” Basically this means that restaurants are now serving their sushi on a naked female body. A company based in Las Vegas called Naked Sushi Entertainment specializes in making quality sushi and serving it on some of the most beautiful female bodies. The practice is performed all over the world, and has become a big hit among bachelor parties as well as parties with some of the world’s wealthiest men.
If you’re squeamish about heights as well as a little poor, then this restaurant idea is way out of your league. Using a crane and a ticket price of 8,000 euros, you can enjoy your meal of steak or sushi 150 feet in the air. You’re held down by a harness similar to what is found on roller coasters, and there are a team of chefs preparing the fresh meal for you. The restaurant is located in Brussels and called, “Dinner in the Sky.”
But maybe you’re a little darker and want to enjoy your meal with the dearly departed. There is a restaurant called, “New Lucky Restaurant” in Ahmadabad, India. The restaurant is built over a Muslim graveyard, and has stood over the dead for forty years. The graves are marked in green and stand about shin level. The owner decorates and cleans the graves as a sign of respect and considers the presence of the dead to be good luck. Of course, given the grim atmosphere of the restaurant, there are lots of patrons who of course remain respectful to their deceased cohabitants.
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There are a lot more bizarre restaurants in this video, and they only get weirder! From eating dinner in an Italian prison to getting a free meal if you weigh more than 350 pounds, these restaurants are sure to succeed thanks to their bizarre nature.