If there is anything that we desire the most, it’s that we want things to be bigger. If not for conventional use, then definitely for the novelty and entertainment. From houses to cars to wallets, we want everything to be bigger except our bodies. Record keeping is dedicated to keeping track of the largest items, with competitors defying science and physics to create the biggest creation of their favorite foods, hobbies, and more. Sometimes even Mother Nature intervenes and creates something so big that the media gets a hold of the story and captivates people from all over the world to see the wondrous creation that is natural and beautiful. Even in the state of Texas, there is a saying that states, “Everything is bigger…” There is a certain amount of pride that comes with an enormous size.
Why do we have such a fascination with large things? The answer goes deep into our very human nature and how easy we are captivated by enormous things. Take the Grand Canyon as an example. The vast park delves deep into the group creating large canyons. Those who are faint of heart when it comes to heights are encouraged to not go near the edge, as one wrong step can result in a deadly fall.
There is nothing more humbling than standing next to something so large that it makes you feel tiny. Recently, scientists and astronomers have been able to create images that show the true size of planet Earth in comparison to the other planets in the Solar System. Turns out that Earth is incredibly small, which means that we as humans are microscopic.
Size seems to equal to some sort of power. We even have terms and sayings such as the “big boss” and doing things to help out the “little guy.” Small comes across as delicate and weak, while bigger means that there is power, prosperity, and control. Ironically, if the human body is large, society perceives the body as deformed and ugly. Take the perspective of overweight people as an example, or how people perceive someone who has an overgrown body part. The deformity has to be fixed right away. So, theoretically, it’s better to be smaller physically and be bigger mentally.
From the largest bucket of fried chicken to the largest human rainbow, this video will be talking about some of the world’s largest things in existence. Some of the items are manmade while others were the result of Mother Nature’s work of art. As an example of Mother Nature’s work of art, there is the largest goldfish that weighs over 30 pounds, which was thrown back into the water after being caught by a fisherman and a photo was captured. There is also the woman with the world’s largest breasts as well as the largest cave, carefully carved by nature of thousands of years.
If you’re curious about what mankind has created and what nature has evolved into in terms of the largest items, then be sure to watch the video above and get ready to be amazed.