1. To slim a wider nose

Changing the way your nose looks is all down to creating light and shade with your makeup. If you want to make your nose look more slender, then apply foundation down the outsides of your nose that is one or two shades darker than your natural skin colour, and then apply a shade or two lighter, to the bridge of your nose.

2. Avoid using heavy eye makeup

Some people think that heavy eye makeup will draw attention away from the nose, but this isn’t the case. Bold eye makeup will actually make people focus on your nose even more, so go for a more subtle, natural look to your eyes and that will highlight the size of your nose less.

3. Use concealer under the eyes

Dark circles under the eyes will create the impression of a shadow, which will make your nose look more pronounced. Use a concealer on the area under your eyes to brighten it up and cover dark circles and that way, you will draw attention away from your nose and it will look smaller.

4. To make a long nose look shorter

You can use foundation to create the image of a shorter nose too. Simply apply a darker shade of foundation to the tip of your nose and underneath your nose, between the nostrils. As with all contouring, though, remember to blend the foundation in well, so that it still looks natural.

5. Your hairstyle can help too

The way that you wear your hair can help to reduce the appearance of the size of your nose too. If you wear your hair with a parting down the middle, this will accentuate your nose, but if you have your hair in a side parting, it will draw attention away from your nose. Adding volume to the back of your head will also reduce the prominence of your nose.

6. Use a matte finish

Any shine at all on your nose will make it look bigger, so always use makeup with a matte finish. If the light reflects back off the bridge of your nose, not only will it draw attention to that area of your face, but it would make anyone’s nose look bigger than it really is. The best thing to use for a matte finish to your makeup is loose powder.

7. Use blush

You can also reduce the appearance of the size of your nose by highlighting other areas of your face like your cheeks. Apply a touch of blush that has a shimmer to your cheeks and this draw attention to your cheeks, rather than your nose.

8. Use bronzer

Bronzer can also make your nose look smaller. Apply bronzer to the areas of your face that would naturally catch the sun; the forehead, the tops of the cheeks, the chin and down the centre of your nose. Bronzer will bring some natural looking colour to your face and you can use it to contour your face and make the nose look smaller.

9. Bold lips

Bold and bright lips will draw attention away from your nose to your mouth. The classic bold red lip works a treat, or you could try a shimmery lipstick too. If you have no shine on your nose and nothing else that will draw attention to it, people will focus on other areas of your face that you have made more of a feature of with your makeup.

10. Practice!

When you first start using makeup to contour your face, the process can see a little daunting, but with practice, you will be amazed at the results that you can achieve. Begin by using foundation in the way that we suggested to make your nose look smaller and then, when you become more comfortable with the technique, you can try more bold experiments with highlighter to change the shape of your face. Always check your makeup in the daylight though, because it looks totally different to when you look at it under electric lighting.

How to make your nose smaller without surgery, just with makeup? What are your best tips?

Stay happy!