10 Human foods you should never feed your cat with

10 Human foods you should never feed your cat with qqq

Pet owners often notice that their pets prefer the food for people to that which is made for pets. We often see a dog sitting under the dinner table and begging for food.

Cats never beg, they steal! It might look cute if it weren’t dangerous. There are a number of products that are healthy for humans yet toxic and dangerous for animals. Here is a list of 10 foods you should never give your cat.

1. Raisins
This delicious snack is healthy for people, but for cats this dried berry is toxic. A few grams of raisins are enough to cause a sudden and severe kidney failure in a cat. Never give raisins or grapes to you feline. Make sure that your cat has no access to this product. If, by any chance, your cat eats grapes or raisins, keep an eye on the cat for at least 24 hours. Signs of toxicity include weakness, decreased urination, lethargy, lack of appetite, and diarrhea.

2. Onions
Avoid feeding your cat with food containing onions. Sulfoxides and disulfides are the two components that ruin red blood cells and might be the cause of anemia. The same problem is caused by onion powder and spices that contain it as one of the ingredients. Read the label!

3. Garlic
Garlic belongs to the onion family and is also poisonous to cats. It is more dangerous than onions because of the concentration of the toxins. So be cautious and read the ingredient list every time before you decide to give some new food to your pet.

4. Raw Eggs
Even humans should not consume raw eggs unless there is a guarantee they do not contain any kind of bacteria. Cats are also sensitive to this food. Besides the extremely high risk of getting salmonella and E.coli, eggs contain avidin. This substance does not let vitamin B, which is necessary for cats, properly absorb.

5. Alcohol
Be reasonable and never give your cat taste drinks containing alcohol. Be careful, because your feline friend might try and sneak up on your drink left unattended on the table. A small amount of alcohol is enough for a cat to get poisoned and intoxicated.

6. Caffeine
Letting your cat share your coffee or tea is absolutely inacceptable. Food products as well as drinks that contain caffeine are bad for cats. Caffeine causes excessive urination which leads to dehydration. It also affects the nervous system and the heart. Chocolate is even worse since, apart from caffeine, it contains theobromine, the latter being capable of killing your pet.

7. Fat Trimmings
Some fat is ok but we, people, sometimes give too much of fat trimmings to cats without realizing how dangerous lard is. Besides stomach problems fat may cause diarrhea and vomiting. It is always better to give your feline food that was specially formulated for cats.

8. Bones
The most dangerous food to give to your cat would be bones. Bones are not toxic yet they may cause serious problems, such as bowel obstructions and internal lacerations. Cats can also choke on raw bones. Poultry bones should also be avoided. Bones covered with grease will definitely cause intestinal and digestive problems which will result in your cat having diarrhea or vomiting.

9. Milk or Cream
Only kittens are lactose tolerant. Once they grow up, cats must not be given cream or milk. Lactose that cannot be broken down in the cat’s digestive system will cause diarrhea. The problem might sometimes get as severe as to make you take your pet to the vet. In some cases urgent treatment is required to save your cat’s life.

10. Avocado
Avocado is a fruit that contains persin. This fungicidal toxin is not dangerous to humans, but very toxic to all domestic animals. The whole of the avocado is toxic. Never let your pet play with avocado pits or shells. If consumed in large quantities, avocado may cause respiratory problems, fluid building up around the heart, and gastrointestinal issues. Any of the above mentioned health problems can lead to death.