Live news segments are probably one of the riskiest parts of journalism, as you never know what awaits after the cameras turn on.
When it comes to the news, we depend on a variety of news channels to bring us the most up to date information about our community, country, and the world. Even though we may never meet our favorite news anchors in person, we grow a relationship and rapport with them from the other side of the television screen. One of the most exciting things that can happen in an organization is the opportunity to be on the news. Whether you’re being interviewed by a reporter reacting to a major event, or a news station is visiting a place where you volunteer or work, the opportunity to be on live television only comes once in a lifetime. The beauty of live television is that it is unscripted and audiences are watching in real time. However, this also brings us some concerns as sometimes you can’t control external areas and interviews can take weird turns in a mere instant.
In this video are ten of the most hilarious news fails that have hit the airwaves all over the world. The beauty of these videos is the fact that these moments were completely unscripted. It’s actually hard to tell what is funnier, the actual failing event, or the news anchors’ reactions afterward that are captured on camera. These fails also serve as a happy reminder that news anchors are people too, and they make mistakes or find themselves in vulnerable positions just like us regular people.
For example, reporters may have to deal with the local wildlife, and about half of the news fails in this video involve the unplanned shenanigans of nature. An unknown black reporters is doing a segment on a death related to the local high school when a bug flies into his mouth. Before the incident, the reporter is calm and collected. But after the incident, the reporter goes into full crazy mode with cussing and acting a little bit ghetto, to put it calmly.
Then we have an Australian reporter who is holding a chicken during a segment. Perhaps the large black chicken didn’t like to be held, but it goes crazy flapping its wings. But what makes the shot hilarious is that the male news reporter goes nuts as well with screaming and finally setting the bird down and running away with his hands in the air.
Finally, Nashville reporter Carley Gordon realized that just because you’re holding a fish by the tail, it doesn’t mean that it will sit still. While covering a story on Asian carp, the fish Gordon was holding started to move, which scared her into falling backwards into the lap of a park ranger. Asian carp can jump ten feet into the air, and maybe the fish wanted to show off its skills on camera?
There are more hilarious news fails in the video, you just have to hit play!