You’ve tried every trick in the book to pleasure your man. He certainly has some of the best nights of his life thanks to your moves in bed. Truth be told all we women ever do is think about our men and how to keep them happy. But have you ever thought about yourself? Here are ways to turn yourself on and reach a climax to remember!

1.Clit it: Stimulate your clit and play with it whenever you want to get into the mood. Caress your vaginal walls and touch your nether regions for a while and you will be turned on to no extent. Whether you want to wait for your man for a mind-blowing orgasm or get it yourself is up to you.

2.Big O: What would you choose: an orgasm or a scream-inducing orgasm? When in the act of making love and you are about to climax, ask your man to stop and go slow. Do this for three to four times to have the best orgasm of your life.

3.G-Spot: You don’t have to depend on your man to find your G-spot. Find it yourself. Insert a finger and bend it, so it brushes your front wall. It’s the cluster of skin which stands out. Stimulate it and you will be aroused and how!

4.U spot: When planning to turn yourself on, the U-spot works wonder too. The u-spot is the small area between the urethra and right below the clitoris. Explore around and find it to arouse yourself.

5.Towel love: The texture of a towel has a very strong effect on your body. When pleasuring yourself, lay on the towel. Just the sensation of the towel on your skin will be a crazy turn on.

6.Shower love: Tried the hand shower? If not, then try it this instant and have a crazy climax. Just remember to keep the pressure hard.

7.Toy time: Experimenting with sex toys and vibrating underwear is something you should think about.  Research has found that woman climax more often with some external help. Why not pleasure yourself and see the difference?  It’s not like you will love your man any less.

8.Fantasy: Love to read erotica and fantasise about it?  We say do it right away. Think of the hottest man you know and dream of doing the nasty with him. It’s not like you are cheating on your man if you are doing the dirty with another man in your dreams.

9.Watching time: Pleasure yourself and invite your man for a show.  He will love the fact that he can watch you, and you will be very aroused by the fact that you have audience. It’s a win-win for both of you.

10.Spanky time: Tried spanking yourself?  Well, if you like the stinging feeling, then spank yourself hard while he is pleasuring you or you are at it, yourself. The pain will add to the pleasure, resulting in a mind-blowing orgasm.