10 Fun Summer Things Teenager Can Do

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  1. Skip the expensive coffee shop and make your own. Brew some fancy coffee drinks, like chocolaty black forest coffee or sweet, spicy Mexican coffee. If you really want to get into the coffee shop mood, read some poetry to each other or have an open-mic night.
  2. Turn your living room into an aerobics class. You can find free workouts on instant Netflix (if you’re a subscriber) or Exercise TV.
  3. Visit a museum. Most museums have a day or two out of the week that’s free to everyone – check your city guide to see what’s going on by you.
  4. Have a board game night. Tell everyone to bring over their favorite games, and draw out of a hat to decide what you play. Serve candy and soda to get people in giggly moods.
  5. Watch episodes your favorite TV shows from when you were a kid. Hulu has a ton of shows from the past 20 years, and they’re all free to watch.
  6. Dig up some pairs of jeans you never wear and recycle them into something new, like abook cover or a practical tote bag.
  7. Head to a well-trafficked area – like the mall, or the park – find a comfy spot and people-watch. Just try not to get caught.
  8. Play some retro Nintendo games for free online. Unlike a lot of online games, they’re perfect for playing with friends. My personal recommendation: Adventure Island. Plus, in today’s technological world, there’s always some sort of new website offering new games to play, it’s all about finding the right one!
  9. Hunt down a jungle gym after all the kids have gone home and have your own recess. Swings are fun at any age.
  10. Have a frock swap. Gather together all the clothes you never wear and have your friends do the same. Put them all in a big pile, then take turns pulling pieces out and trying them on. You’ll leave with more clothes you could score in a shopping trip, and they’ll all be free