He should fall in love with you for who you are, but we all know how important first impressions are. That means that how you look on a first date really does matter. Here are 10 first date rules and must-know tips on how to look your best for a first date, that will help make sure that you get asked for a second!

1. Don’t worry about the labels

Most men wouldn’t spot the difference between a Versace or a Prada, so don’t even worry about the label in your clothes. Choose the clothes that make you look good and you feel comfortable wearing, because a $600 pair of shoes won’t be what gets you a second date.

2. Wear colourful clothes

Men want to see your feminine side, so don’t dress like you’re going for a job interview. Pastel colours tend to appeal to men, but choose the colours that go the best with your complexion and hair.

3. Wear a skirt or a dress

Another way to make sure that he is enthralled by your femininity is to wear a dress or a skirt. Men still like their girls to be flirty, attractive and ladylike and, yes, to show a bit of leg is good too!

4. If in doubt, wear red

Apparently, red is the colour that men find the most attractive and feminine. In a study conducted by the University of Rochester, men became more ‘amorous’ when they were shown pictures of a girl in a red dress, than they were with any other colour.

5. Wear heels

We’re at risk of sounding really old fashioned here, but we are only telling you it, as it really is! Men love a girl in stunning pair of heels. They make you feel and look beautiful, confident and feminine, and heels also accentuate your legs. Best though, to wear a pair that you have already worn in, so you don’t spend the whole night in agony!

6. Dress for the occasion

Another one of important first date rules is to dress for the occasion. Make sure you know where you going on your date and dress appropriately. The heels and skirt advice doesn’t apply to a picnic in the park or a day in a theme park.

7. Natural looking makeup is best

Understated and natural looking makeup is generally the best bet for a first date. You want him to remember you, not your makeup, so keep things subtle.

8. Neutral palettes for the eyes

As we’ve said, natural is best, so don’t go overboard on eye makeup either. Dramatic smokey eye makeup or glitter is not for this occasion. Choose neutral shades of eye makeup and let your eyes do the talking.

9. Groom your brows

Don’t let your brows distract him; get them professionally groomed before your date. You want them looking their best; and neatly groomed brows will frame your eyes beautifully.

10. Spend some time on your lips

Take the time get your lips looking luscious and kissable. Exfoliate them to remove any dry skin and moisturise with some lip balm. Then, apply tinted gloss over some matte lipstick for a look that will draw attention, but not be over the top; and don’t forget to smile too!

What are your favorite first date rules? Do you have some other tips on how to look your best on a first date?

Stay happy!

Source: beautyandtips.com