It’s usually the men that get all the bad press about not being romantic enough, but don’t forget that he needs a bit of loving too! He may not appreciate scented roses and sweet music, in quite the same way as you do, but here are ten other ways that you can show your love for him in romantic gestures that he will love:

1. Plan a surprise to keep him on his toes!

Men can get to feel that they have to do all the planning and organising, so surprise him and arrange a dinner for two or a weekend break in the country. Even something as simple, as breakfast in bed would be a sweet surprise and if nothing else, it’ll keep him on his toes!

2. Write him a letter and leave a lipstick print as a signature

These days all we seem to get in post are final demands or junk mail, so cheer up his post opening with a love letter from you. Buy some nice stationery and tell him exactly why you love him. Not only will it be a lovely romantic surprise, it’ll be something he can keep and cherish. And don’t forget to spray your letter with your favorite perfume and leave a lipstick print as a signature.

3. Meet him for an unannounced picnic-lunch

Pack him all his favourite foods and turn up, unannounced, at his place of work. Take him for a surprise picnic-lunch in the park. He’ll be really grateful to get out of the office for a while and spending some time with the girl he loves, rather than his boring work-mates.

4. Get touchy-feely

When you are out walking together, grab his hand or give him a big hug. A public display of your affection shows him that you are proud to be seen with him and happy that people know how much you love him.

5. Buy him spontaneous gifts for no reason

People say that guys are hard to buy gifts for, but for romantic gifts they are actually quite easy to please. You could light up his face with just a gift wrapped bar of his favourite candy, because for a guy, it really is the thought that counts.

6. Leave him notes in unexpected places 

Leaving him notes in unexpected places is a great way to tell him you love him. A post note on the mirror is always a good one and then, when he gets up the morning, all grouchy, because he has to go to work, he’ll get a lovely surprise, when he looks in the mirror to shave.

7. Unwind him with a massage

There’s no better way to unwind, than by receiving a relaxing massage from the woman you love. Remove all his stress when he gets home from work with a sensual massage of his neck and shoulders, and watch his worries melt away. It’ll put him in a better mood too!

8. Take an interest

It might not seem romantic to you, but taking an interest in his hobbies and pastimes will mean a lot to him. You don’t need to become an expert on the finer points of the rules of his favourite sport, but even just noticing that his team won last night will really go down well.

9. A way to a man’s heart is…through…his stomach!

Surprise him with his favorite dinner. Guys love their food, especially if it’s been lovingly prepared by you. So cook up all his favourites and get in his favourite drinks or try cooking something you’ve never cooked before that you think he’ll like. He’ll love that you have gone to all that effort, just for him.

10. Give him a great big kiss!

Give him a real kiss, not a peck on the cheek, a real big, unexpected, full-on Hollywood movie style kiss, and show him how much you love him. Guys are pretty easy to please, when it comes to romance and it will give him the incentive to be a bit more romantic for you too.

What other romantic things do you like to do for the man in your life?

Feel free to share your thoughts and tips in the comment section below.

Stay happy!