10 Crazy One-Night Stand Experiences

The illustrious one night stand is an experience that most people will relate to and roll their eyes over at some point in their life. We’ve all done things that we’re not proud of. One of the most common horror stories that we experience and hear are one-night-stands and other sexual escapades. They are war stories which grant us the right of passage into full adulthood. They are experiences that we lament to our friends about after the fact. They are the experiences that some of the best books are based on. One night stands are occasions that can happen more often than relationships depending on the person. There are numerous people who live their lifestyles based on one night stands and there are even television shows that glorify the lifestyle, such as “Sex and the City” with the character of Samantha.
In order for these one night stands to happen, the participant has to make it a practice to meet numerous people and be willing to take their clothes off for them in just a matter of hours. Or they are willing to risk a friendship or connection for the sake of having sex. Of course, because of these measures that need to be taken, people have been quick to judge others and label them with names like slut, skank, whore, and more. Even men are subject to such harshness. But of course, there are people who don’t regularly engage in the one night stand lifestyle and can fall into the trap every once in a while, especially at the end of a relationship, or breaking free for the first time. Most one night stands happen while we’re young and can afford to make mistakes, thus giving us some interesting stories to pass on to our offspring when they are old enough.
There are plenty of risks involved with one night stands, mainly because you’re running the risk of contracting a sexually transmitted disease or a pregnancy. If you’re friends with someone you had a one night stand with, you might risk ruining the relationship. If you sleep with a complete stranger, then you don’t know whether the person is sane or a serial killer. When it comes to the latter, plenty of people are willing to take that risk with folks that they met at a club or bar. This usually results in some sort of interesting experience that ends up with unexpected situations that fiction can’t even begin to recreate.
In this video are ten of the most horrifying one night stand stories that have been found on the internet. Luckily, most of the victims in these stories lived to tell the tale. From bathroom mishaps to attempted murder, these one night stands definitely escalated quickly to extreme measures. Some of these stories alone are enough to force a person to reconsider the choice of sleeping with someone for a one time deal. If anything, this video should be shown during sexual education courses to help prove a point.