#7. You Always Feel Safe Around Him. Guys enjoy feeling like the protector around their women. They like to keep us safe and sound and they like to know that they’re doing a good job.

Let your man know tonight that he keeps you safe. Tell him you always feel protected around him, and as though no harm will ever come to you.

These kinds of compliments really stick with men, and it lets them know that they’ve become someone their parents can be proud of.

#8. He’s Really Handy Around The House. Guys really don’t want to appear useless around the house. They want to be able to fix leaky faucets, change the oil on the car, or set up a new television. If they can’t do these sorts of things, it’s going to irritate the heck out of them and make them feel a little bit down.

Worse still is when they manage to complete a few jobs, but you tell them they haven’t done it very well. Yikes!

Just like guys like to keep you safe, they also like to maintain the house. Tell him he’s doing a grand job and that you love how handy he is.