#3. Compliment His Work. Most guys are proud of their careers. They know they have a duty to work, to pay taxes and to bring you both financial security and stability.

But it isn’t enough for them that they do some dreary, mundane 9-5 job that anyone can do. They want to make sure they’re doing a skilled job that only they can do so well and they want you to acknowledge this.

Throw some compliments about their job at them now and then. Tell them what they do is meaningful and that they’re the best at it.

#4. Tell Him He’s Smart. As well as losing out to a funnier guy, your partner is also worried that you might meet someone smarter than him. Looks obviously fade, so it’s important that your guy feels he is still able to impress you with his brains.

Remind him that you love his intellect and that you’ve never met anyone smarter. Don’t go too far and say “you’re smarter than Einstein,” but just remind him that his mind was one of the reasons you were attracted to him in the first place.