6. You always make one another feel sexy.

You have this uncanny ability to lift each other’s confidence and that is rare to find in many couples. You never feel insecure around one another and it does wonders for the dynamics of your relationship. You never lose your luster for one another because you are always building each other up.

7. You are both comfortable with being open and honest about your needs.

You never feel like you have to censor yourself when it comes to expressing your needs in the bedroom. If you feel like you want your partner to be satisfying you a certain way, then you come out and you say it. This open communication that you have between the two of you is great because you are both constantly learning from one another about how to make your relationship better.

8. You make it a point to always trust each other.

A huge aspect of sex and relationships is trust. You can never really be vulnerable to another person unless you are able to trust them. That’s why your relationship works so well both in and out of the bedroom because you always trust each other very deeply.

9. You are known to be quite touchy and feely.

You are that couple that everyone else hates being around because you’re too touchy but you don’t care. You are physically attracted to your partner and you want to be able to express your intimacy in physical manners.

10. You really make time for s*x.

S*x is something that you really make time for because you acknowledge its importance in how you go about your relationship. You are committed to expressing your love for each other through physical means and you really prioritize it.

H/T : Relrules