10 Cheapest value products you can buy in Bangkok

10 Cheapest value products you can buy in Bangkok

1. Flowers


Thailand is the land of orchids. Orchids are shipped to different parts of the world at a very high price, but here, they are unbelievably cheap. A bouquet of orchids will just cost you $1. Not only orchids, but you can check out other flowers too in the flower market. There is a variety of captivating and colorful roses in the market.

Where to Buy from:

Bangkok’s Chinatown and the Pak Khlong flower market.

2. Inexpensive Clothes

There is nothing better than wearing a branded suite that is beautifully stitched, and well-fitted to your body. But at times, being measured at the streets can be fun and exciting, especially if you know the product value you get in return. Who would not love the imitations of Gucci, D&G, and Jimmy –Choo.

3. China Town

Pottery and Ceramics

If you love ceramics and pottery, and want to decorate your living room shelves with homemade pottery and ceramics, then this is the perfect destination for you. From Celadon, white pottery, blue pottery to stoneware, Thai ceramics, and stones, this place has it all.

Where to Buy from:

Chatuchak Market, Baan Celadon, Ko Kret and the Siamraj Marketing

4. Household Accessories

Amazingly beautiful lamps, paper lights, flower vases, pillow cases, embodied table clothes, Chinese towels, and vintage lamps can be shopped just for $5 or less. I recently got a pair of handmade embroider pillow cover for only $5. Handmade vases are available at a price of less than $5.

Where to Buy from:

Chatuchak Market, Suan Lumnight Bazzar and the MKB Shopping Mall

5. Shoes and Bags






Before I pen down, let me confess, I’m a bagaholic. Where other girls collect shoes, I love collecting purses, clutches, and bags. When I visited Bangkok, I purchased more than 30 bags, which are still untouched, but who cares as they were on sale. A designer handbag is less than a $5. And for those who are shoeaholic, worry not! You have a lot to shop, from heels and wedges to stilettos and boots. You will find the latest designs and cuts for around 150 baths ($5). No wonder, if you buy 100 pairs at a time.

Where to Buy from:

Siam Square, Street Stalls, MKB Shopping Mall, and the Chatuchak Weekend Market.

6. The Silk

Whether you are hunting for the fabric for your new curtains, or for your new silk suite, you will be amazed to see the endless collection that Bangkok offers to you. Right from exotic sarongs to Thai silk, this place is ready to grant you anything you wish for. Here, silk is famous for its bright vibrant colors, gorgeous deigns, and fantastic quality. You can get a variety of it here. Explore the capital city to buy the best silk.

Where to Buy from:

Jim Thompson, MKB mall, Bon Marche Market, Anita silk and the Tailor shops

7. Coffee Based Drinks

I am a caffeine addict. I drink almost 15 cups of coffee a day. While you travel, it becomes a little difficult for you to spend on teas and coffees every hour (thanks to your budget).  Surprisingly, when you are travelling in Bangkok, you don’t have to cut starve for caffeine. You will find coffee houses at every corner of the city. From Japanese coffee houses to Thai coffee houses, you will get them at just $3.5.

Where to Buy from:

Starbucks, Coffee Bean, Coffee World, Oishi and Chesters

8. Fresh Fruits

You can get benefited from all the Vitamins and minerals just in a day. The Bangkok fruit chat consists of mangoes, papayas, kiwi, dragon fruit, lichee, and half a pineapple. You can have them along while you shop down the street, in just less than 40 cents. Enjoy these charming fruits, and stay hydrated throughout the day coz you have a lot to shop, isn’t it?

Where to Buy from:

The Local Thai Market

9. Peripherals and Computers

If you are an electronic geek like me, pick the latest laptop or computer, loaded with up-to-date operating systems, with loads of games. Walk down the Pantip Plaza or the Fortune Town Mall.

Where to Buy from:

 Fortune Town and Panthip Plaza

10. Street Food






If you are a foodie (like me) and love eating street foods, then this place is perfect for you. You can eat a meal for $1. If you want to relish the Thai noodles or some sushi or salmon, it will just take less than $7. And if pocket is no bar for you, then of course, you have loads of options to try on.

Where to Buy from:

Took Lae Dee, Yum Saap, May Kaidee and Mr. Yim’s

11. Cds and Dvds

If you are a movie lover or a game addict, you have hundred of options to buy them in the city, at cheaper costs. If you are looking for your favorite pop album, check out the cd shops at any of the malls in Bangkok. I am sure you will be thrilled to find a variety of collection that will suite to your pocket. Soon, you can start your own music cafe then.

Where to Buy from:

Khao San Road, Mae Mai Pleng Thai and the Chatuchak Market